People queue outside a bank to collect government aid bonuses, in the Amazon city of Iquitos, in the Peruvian Loreto region, on June 15, 2020, amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. - Peru's GDP registered a historical fall of 40.49% year-on-year in April due to the semi-paralysis of its economy caused by the drastic confinement imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the government reported on Monday. (Photo by Cesar Von BANCELS / AFP) (Photo by CESAR VON BANCELS/AFP via Getty Images)

COVID-19 April 2021 Updates


As The Pandemic Continues, Your Help Is Still Needed!

We need to act together and we need to act now.

The continuous spread of COVID-19 has left national economies and businesses in distress as governments struggle with new lockdown measures to tackle the spread of the virus within their countries. As an agency, we are doing our best to address and assist our missionary workers as well as their communities. For Countries like Kenya, COVID-19 is being managed alongside yellow fever, cholera, measles, and many others. In other words when resources are limited, containment and prevention are the best strategies and this is why we emphasize the need to still help our neighbours overseas as the pandemic continues. 

Shelter of Hope (Kenya) Update:

  • Students and teachers at Shelter of Hope continue to attend school and similar to us here in Ontario, the use of masks is a new normal. Though it is very hard for small children especially those in kindergarten to be wearing masks or finding proper masks that fit them. Teachers in class are affected since talking and teaching with a mask makes some students who are not keen in class miss important concepts.
  • The current COVID-19 regulations at SOH are:
    • Use of masks
    • Regular washing of hands (which has improved the level of hygiene for both the Children and teachers)
    • Social distancing whenever possible
    • Sharing safety and precaution information

 Teachers at SOH express one of the greatest challenges over the last 3 months have been paying the entire staff a proper salary, affording food for all students, and total compliance with COVID-19 protocols and procedures. The greatest blessings though is that no child or staff has been directly infected by Covid-19! What a blessing! Please keep the staff and students of Shelter of Hope in your prayers!  Click Here To Give COVID-19 Relief to Kenya

Nebaj, Guatemala Update:

 Carolina shares that Covid-19 continues to affect Nebaj drastically but all business stay open for the sake of the people’s livelihoods. This desperation to continue on like this pandemic doesn’t exist, leads to more cases of people catching the disease. Carolina emphasizes, “If you were to ask the people of Nebaj if they are concerned, they would say that the same problems they have every day are still present with or without covid.”

Guatemalan families are in need of food and you can help by donating to the Emergency Relief Fund for Nebaj.   Click Here To Give COVID-19 Relief to Nebaj

Iquitos, Peru Update:

“Government authorities have been carrying out information, prevention and awareness campaigns for the vulnerable population. Bringing to some towns the basic protective equipment that is required to combat COVID 19. However, not all populated centres and places in our city have this benefit. This is where the task of the Kids And Family Christian Mission comes into play, bringing the support that is possible thanks to external donations. Currently, the figures are increasing and government authorities remain firm in the fight against this disease with the support of NGOs and different associations, they bring people who are of vulnerable age and with limited resources, support and protection to prevent it from continuing to spread. COVID 19 in our city.” – Rodolfo    Click Here To Give COVID-19 Relief to Iquitos

TAT’S PLACE (Puerto Maldonado, Peru)Update:

“We are at an extreme level in Peru now. Our Hospital here in Puerto Maldonado is near capacity and they have identified that the new Brazil variant exists here. We are hearing that reports have said that this variant may be faster for severe illness and a higher death rate. Like many places in the world, our community is protesting against the attempt to lockdown and live our lives as normal. All stores remain open and people are working. It is definitely a difficult and crazy time that we live in.” – Scott Blackburn  Click Here To Give COVID-19 Relief to Puerto Maldonado

Palma Soriano Update:

Since late January most of the country has been in some sort of lockdown. Every province has the authority to implement one of the 3 three levels of crisis management, but it has been getting worse and worse. Every time they open up a bit, it gets worse again.

Jorge, our missionary worker in Palma Soriano, shares that they are experiencing the worse contamination situation ever since Covid-19 started.

“In fact, the number of people infected is the highest number had so far. People fear the infection but still pile up in lines to buy the few things available. The town is in lock down. Special permits are needed to move around or to enter the city in any vehicle. There is a curfew in place for the night hours. Contamination of people selling stuff makes the risk higher for the buyers. So it all gets messy and dangerous”, says Jorge.

When it comes to food, the supply in Palma Soriano is very small and the prices keep increasing. For example, rice, which is one of the most important components for Cubans in a meal, went from 7.00 pesos/cup to 30.00 pesos/cup by November.

“In this scenario, having the opportunity to do things for the people, for senior adults, kids and people with all kind of limitations has being remarkable. Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to help those who need it the most here. Thank you for your heart for Cubans and for allowing us to be part of this blessing. We pray God continues to bless you and guide you in your service in his kingdom.” – Jorge  Click Here To Give COVID-19 Relief to Palma Soriano

You can also Give Covid Relief To Where Most Needed By Clicking Here

Thank You for your generous donations, prayers and support as we work together to conquer this pandemic. May God bless you and keep you and your loved ones safe. 

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