The elderly are only one of the vulnerable populations in cuba

July 2021 Updates (From the Caribbean)

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Emergency Relief Efforts in Cuba

Back in February, we sent out an update about the situation in Cuba, emphasizing the need for help as people were going hungry due to increased food prices, long lineups, and lack of availability. Thanks to your response, we were able to raise over $7000 for our efforts in Cuba and were able to provide food to individuals and families in need!

Last week, we got an alarming message from our workers that the current situation in Cuba is “completely out of control and help is desperately needed”. As COVID-19 continues to affect our world, the other factors around the pandemic continue to have an incredibly negative impact on communities in Cuba. Rosa, one of our workers, emphasizes that all hospitals within their area have collapsed to the point where people are dying on the stairwells, in the hallways of the hospitals, or have no other choice but to stay at home and die. Due to the lack of resources, medication, and people to treat patients, the people of Cuba need help more than ever right now.

Rosa asks for our prayers and help:

“It is terrible to see what we are living through, especially the lack of food everywhere. The authorities don’t want to declare that we need INTERNATIONAL HELP. They have used all the resources they have, and it is not enough. My son Daniel is working with children, who are suffering from COVID-19, in a motel that was used as an Emergency Hospital. Our other concern is for the frontline workers such as our son. Daniel lives with us and since there’s no other place for him to stay. Families such as ours are facing the risk to catch the virus. A couple of months ago, frontline workers were able to stay at hotels to protect their families but right now it seems that every place has collapsed. I ask you to please keep Cuba and our Government in your prayers. Thank you so much.”

If you are able and willing to help our friends in Cuba, you can Donate ONLINE Here. Your donation will help purchase food and medicine for those who are desperately in need as many can not afford either of these essential needs. If you would like to donate via e-transfer, you can do so by sending it to: If you feel called to support our efforts in Cuba by giving $10, $20, $50+ monthly, you can set up an Automatic Withdrawl through a Pre-Approved Debit Form online or, you can directly contact our office by calling (519) 824-9380. We will be sure to give you updates and reports on how you are making an impact and bringing hope to the vulnerable in Cuba.

At Impacthope, we stay committed to supporting our workers by ensuring that their needs are met, yet we cannot do this without the generous support from people like you. Please know that your prayers and support are making a difference as our workers continue to serve and sacrifice, bringing hope to so many people in need!

Your Blessings Upon Haiti Have Made An Impact!

“Hello, Greetings in the name of our Saviour! The school year has ended in Haiti and I want to send you a report to let you know how you helped with your support of our project in Fort Jacques. Here are some facts that I wanted to share with you to encourage you because, without your prayers and financial support, this project would not be possible! – Ann Farqueson

  • 27 children from Kindergarten for 3 year olds to grade 2 received an education this year.
  • 27 students, 4 teachers and a cook ate a hot full protein meal every school day.
  • This year the teachers will be paid for the full year!
  • This year the director is being paid. She volunteered her services for three years before.
  • School was closed by the government June11 due to the raise in Covid cases. Praise God there is no Covid in the mountains at this point.
  • This year has not been without its difficulties but with God’s help and Haitian degaje methods we were able to have a positive year. Degaje means to do what you need to do with what you have. So we haven’t finished the walls of the second story but we use rocks to hold down papers and wear sweaters when it is cloudy, cold and windy. The separating walls for the classrooms are not done so we use low voices. When teachers are sick which seldom happens classes double up! When the cook can’t come Marie Estelle or one of her daughters does the cooking. These ladies are a wonderful group of Christian people helping to advance the community.
  • Children that couldn’t hold a pencil or didn’t know how to open a book are holding a pencil and learning to write their names, plus learning to read. Books, toys, crayons, colouring books and paper do not exist in the homes of these children. ALL our children have passed their academic year. See the pictures below.
  • English is being taught mostly through songs in the three preschool classes. The primary grades are learning vocabulary and short sentences.
  • Morning devotions teaches the children to put our Lord first. Prayer times teach that we can talk to God. And a weekly chapel teaches the children how to worship.

A Big Impact On Little Robert

“Bonjou! M’rele Jean Robert. I am three years old. I live in Fort Jacques, Haiti. You have made a big difference in my life! I want to thank you for sponsoring me and allowing me to go to school. I do not have anything to play with at my little house so I run to school every morning because I want to play with the toys on our class table. I feel loved by my teacher and she has shown me how to hold a pencil. I can almost print my name, all by myself. I can count a lot and I know a few English songs. I am learning how to pray every morning. School is so much fun! Mesi anpil!”

What Are Our Current Needs?

  1. Funds for educational books for children as most parents can not afford the books needed.
  2. Giving a student the gift of education by helping them financially.
  3. Help complete the construction of the new building. 


About Fort Jacques

The community of Fort Jacques has a small church which is part of the school. In this community, there is a plan to be financially sustainable within five years. The first goal was to complete the roof on the school. While the construction of the school continues, there is still a need for clean water. Plans are developing to create micro businesses to provide the resources for mothers to earn the funds needed to pay for their children’s schooling. Funding is used to sponsor the children whose families cannot afford payment.

Ann Farquarson is our representative for this project and works together with Marie Estelle. They operate a school with 40 children who come from very poor families. Together we are bringing hope and education to children in order to give them greater opportunities in the future. Your donations will bring hope to these young lives.

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