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From Victoria, B.C.

May 2023

An enriching and transformative Bible Camp was organized by David and Alejandra Slemin and Church helpers, which took place in beautiful Victoria, B.C., in May. David is one of our partners in Canada who runs an outreach ministry for the vulnerable on the streets of Victoria, British Columbia. This remarkable camp was specially crafted for vulnerable youth, aiming to equip them with essential life skills while sharing the love of God. The team saw several testimonies of healing and deliverance.

The Bible Camp was a wonderful experience for all the participants. David and the team blessed the participants by equipping them with practical knowledge and showcasing God’s unwavering love for all. Through his tireless efforts, David has been able to provide shelter, food, and other necessities for those who are struggling to survive on the streets. His ministry has also helped many individuals find a path toward a better future by connecting them with education, employment opportunities, and other resources. 

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October 2022

We are greatly encouraged by this partnership and hope to see the hand of God in the lives of the most vulnerable in Victoria.

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