Ellie and Lila Quezada are presently residing in British Columbia and serving the migrant workers in BC who are a critical, yet often a forgotten and vulnerable group in Canada. Ellie and Lila also serve as western representatives for ImpactHope, promoting the projects and opportunities that exist(learn more).

Our staff, Julio Farfan, is a native Guatemalan, living in Ontario. He currently oversees the ministry of serving migrant workers in Ontario – in particular, the Stratford area. COVID-19 has impacted not only ImpactHope’s work with the migrant workers and life on the farm has dramatically changed due to(learn more).

“It is a privilege to share some of the things that have been going on with the ministry to migrant workers this spring, summer and fall. May God bless you for your faithful support through prayer and finances. The lives of many of the migrant workers and their families have been changed forever because you have support and prayed for them”