About the Location and History

30 years ago, the education system in the remote areas near Huehuetenango, Guatemala was not good. Children would graduate from elementary school (grade 6) and then would be forced to make a difficult choice: to commute hours aways (i.e walking) OR to move and live in a different city to attend secondary school. Sadly, many children stayed home, quit school, and found low paying jobs. Without the education, there is was little hope of improving their situations and life.

Who are we partnering with?

ImpactHope has been partnering with Gilberto and Ruth Noriega for over 25 years and we have assisted in the construction of 14 of 28 schools with them! The majority of these schools are now fully sustainable!

What is the Initiative?

Churches who desire to impact their communities provide the avenue for these schools to exist and for children in the community to receive a high level education which will ultimately provide the knowledge and skills to escape the cycle of poverty.  Many Guatemalan families make huge financial sacrifices for their children in the hope of escaping poverty. Education provides them with that hope!

The goal is simple:” assist the next generation to escape the cycle of poverty through quality Christian education. 

What has been accomplished?

ImpactHope has been involved for a long period of time. Along with the schools we have been previously involved with (14 of 28) in the construction, we, along with its partner supplied the funding for sustainability of these schools to operate on their own. Funding through ImpactHope is provided for families who may otherwise be unable to afford the tuition costs. We believe any investment that donors provide will impact future generations, villages and the nation.

I would also add here milestones of achievements since ImpactHope has been with them for 25 years. How have things changed and grown since then? What were some key years of progress? What made them good growths to push towards sustainability? 

Causes being addressed: