About The Location & History

Education is a privilege in Haiti. Over 75% of the children in the provinces, who live away from cities or villages, do not go to school. Many ‘buildings’ are made of banana leaves or dried palm leaves.

ImpactHope supports the construction of a school – an actual building made of cement with genuine windows and doors! The community of Fort Jacques also has a small church that is part of the school. Financial sustainability is one of our goals, and we are communicating with our partners to find a way forward. The first goal was to complete the roof of the school.

While the construction of the school continues, funding is still needed to sponsor the children whose families cannot afford the payment of school fees.

Special Fundraiser

We are so thankful for the growth we see in our small school in Fort Jacques, Haiti. We are moving from the first room with a dirt floor to a larger space for the preschoolers to a second-floor open area concept.

We are looking forward to adding fourth grade next year and need another room to finish the walls in the open area. We have set a goal of $15,000 for this phase. This fund will purchase construction material and pay those hired to do the work!

Who Are We Partnering With?

Ann Farquarson is our representative for this project and works together with Marie Estelle. They operate a school with 30 to 40 children from very low-income families. This school teaches Kindergarten to Grade 3.

Our Haiti contacts, Marie Estelle and her husband, Pastor Clermont, live and work in the community of Fort Jacques. Fort Jacques is in the mountains above Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Their vision is to build a sustainable community through implementing agriculture, education, and spiritual development. The educational and agricultural projects began in 2017 with nine students in kindergarten. The small church was already functioning in a large lean-to building. In 2018 we put a roof on the building we are using as a school. In 2019, a clean water system was installed for the school and community.

What Is The Initiative?

Together, we are bringing hope to Haiti through the education of children and providing them with more significant opportunities for the future. Your support is preparing these children for a better and brighter future!

Support us through one-time or recurrent donations:

  • Purchase Books for the classrooms – $10 for three books.
  • Sponsor a Student – At the cost of $35/month, change
    a child’s life forever!
  • Sponsor a Teacher – Support a teacher at $150/month.
Our Representatives: Ann and David F.
Our Haiti Contacts: Marie Estelle & Pastor Clermont

Causes Being Addressed:


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