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What is ImpactNOW?

ImpactNOW is a covid-safe, family-friendly fundraising event that will support the projects of ImpactHope while encouraging people to actively participate in making an impact right where they are!

At ImpactHope, we believe that we are more than an Organization; we are a MOVEMENT of people who are committed to actively participating in the mission of Jesus Christ by announcing the good news, strengthening communities, and bringing hope to the most vulnerable and oppressed. 

We will walk, run, or bike in solidarity to call attention to those whose lives have been affected by poverty, exploitation, oppression and injustice. Individuals have the opportunity to participate by themselves, in pairs, or on a team!

If you are interested in leading an ImpactNOW event in your local community, please get in touch with us!

  • The objective of the event is to fundraise for ImpactHope’s projects and to create opportunities for individuals to personally participate and get involved in making an impact.
  • The benefits of this event to the Organization would be the funds raised to help our current projects as well as increase ImpactHope’s reach of community participation.
  • The benefit of this event to the Participants involved is for the opportunity of active participation in making an impact while having fellowship with others who also want to make a difference.

The time and date of the event will vary depending on location.

Depending on the Individual or Team’s Location, the timetable will vary but include:

    • Arrival/Meet-Up Time (ie: 10:30 AM (EDT))
    • Suggested Start Time (11:00 AM)
    • Suggested End Time (12:30 PM)
    • Post Social/Fellowship Time (1:00 PM)

Depending on your choice of activity, route, and length of the route, the time of the event itself will vary. Team Leaders are responsible for creating a realistic timetable for their team, like the example above.

Donations will be accepted to support an Individual or Team that is involved in this event. All Donations will go directly towards the cause and project of ImpactHope’s that the Individual or Team has chosen. Donations can be made in several ways, including:

    • ONLINEClick Here to Donate to Individuals or Teams
      *Each Individual or Team will have their own specific fundraising link that you can donate to. Please contact the Individual directly to get this link. You can also contact the office via e-mail or phone and request to make a donation towards an Individual or Team that is registered for this event. 
    • CASH – Can be accepted at the Guelph Office.
    • CHECK – Payable to ImpactHope.
      (Please the designation of the donation in the memo note of your cheque ‘ImpactNow -(Name of Individual/Team you are supporting)
    • E-Transfer – Can be sent to:
      (Please the designation of the donation in the memo note of your cheque ‘ImpactNow -(Name of Individual/Team you are supporting)
    • By Phone with Credit Card – You can call our office at (519) 824-9380 and make a donation with your credit card.

There Are 5 Causes You Can Fundraise For With this Event

Upcoming Events in 2023

Date: October 2023 (Tentative)

Event Format: Individual 5km, 10km or register as a team (max 5 participants) for the group 5km, 10km relay races.

Registration: To be Updated


Date: Sunday, Oct 30, 2022

Event Format: Individual 5km, 10km or register as a team (max 5 participants) for the group 5km, 10km relay races.

Born to Run: We did it!

We ran over 10 km and raised above $3,000 for Casa Compasiva!

We did it!! We completed our first ‘Born to Run’ race on Sunday and, with your help, raised over $3,000 for Casa Compasiva! This could be used to purchase the sterilization machine we need or provide scholarships to several needy mothers for birth care with us, or help get our Midwife and Doulas training program up and going.  We will be very careful and focused on how we put your money to work for families in Oaxaca.  We couldn’t be prouder of how many people turned up to support this cause and enjoy some fun family and community time together. You, and so many more like you, truly make a difference in the lives of vulnerable families in Oaxaca.

Photo Gallery

We’re sharing some snapshots from events held last year in the hopes that you will be inspired to join us this year! Together, we are strengthening communities and bringing HOPE & LOVE to those who need it most!

Thank YOU for your compassion and generosity.

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