About The Location & History

The Grace Project International (TGPI) and its school in Zambia, The Grace Institute Zambia (TGIZ) is focused on training pastors who are called to serve but face educational and financial challenges which prevent them from attending established Bible colleges and Seminaries. In fact, 85% – 90% of the estimated 4.0 million pastors and ministry leaders worldwide struggle to find good theological education and ministry training that is accessible to them.

TGPI/TGIZ was founded, by Brian Windsor in 2012, to address this need by providing a high level of grace-based theological education and ministry training that is accessible, transformational, and indigenous. It is estimated that for every pastor TGPI/TGIZ trains that their congregation, on average about 150 people, are then equipped by skilled leaders who have learned to think, act, and teach biblically. We call our graduates “Grace Ambassadors.” In turn, as the church learns to be more like Jesus they transform their families, churches, and communities.

Who Are We Partnering With?


Brian and Muriel Windsor have always been enthusiastic supporters of Christian workers at home and abroad. In April 2008, Brian served on a short-term trip to Lusaka, Zambia. It was there that God gave him a dream and a love for the Zambian people. Brian and Muriel continue to serve and lead the people of Zambia through TGPI.

Basil and Karen Taylor are our workers in Zambia. Basil is the National Director at The Grace Institute Zambia and overseas the Institute along with his wife Karen who is the Director of the schools under TGIZ. Together, they work alongside Brian to further progress the overall mission of TGPI.

The Grace Project International’s Vision:

“To be the world’s most accessible, transformational, and indigenous Bible colleges and ministry training centers who testify to the gospel of God’s grace.



What Is The Initiative?

THE PROBLEM: 3.6 million pastors and ministry leaders worldwide cannot access good quality, grace-based, theological education, and ministry training. This deficit negatively affects pastoral health, church health, and societal health.

WHY?: Pastors who are not trained Biblically cannot think, live, or teach Biblically.

WHAT’S TGPI’S SOLUTION?: Grace-based theological education and ministry training that is accessible, transformational, and indigenous.

The Grace Project International was created to address the great need of providing training and education for pastors that are at a high level of quality but are also economical for those who struggle financially. If a pastor is well trained, not only is their church impacted but the entire community is transformed by their leadership!

What Has Been Accomplished?

The Team at TGIZ has expanded within the last year, despite COVID-19 restrictions. Classes were able to resume as of March 29, 2021.

All funding goes toward the operational costs of The Grace Institute Zambia. While tuition is at a low cost for Pastors in training, it is affordable due to your generous donations! TGIZ relies on donations in order to continue to operate since the high majority of students cannot afford higher tuition fees due to their economic situation. 

As of late 2021, TGIZ is seeking to raise funds to purchase rechargeable lights and solar-powered lights to bring adequate lighting to its classes. One of the challenges that are being faced by schools is the need for adequate lighting especially as classes are done in the evening. To read more about this effort or support this effort, click here.

Causes Being Addressed: