We are committed to partnering with churches and Christian leaders in addressing a variety of causes and efforts to make an impact now and in the future. We want to see individuals and communities flourish as we bring to them the hope of the good news of Jesus, in both word and deed.


  • Vulnerable Children & Groups
  • Leadership Training
  • Healthcare
  • Gender Equality | Women Empowerment
  • Food Security
  • Education
  • Access to Clean Water
Our Causes


ImpactHope Works In 10 Countries

ImpactHope supports a variety of Partners who have been called to work internationally to transform communities faced with poverty, oppression, or injustice.

Our Partners come from diverse backgrounds and operate their ministries in different ways according to the needs of the people and their skills and talents. Many of these workers also host short-term mission teams, provide direction to volunteers, and act as a liaison between North American volunteers and local individuals.