Iquitos, Peru

About The Location & History

With a population estimated of 1/2 million people, Iquitos is the largest city in the world inaccessible by road. Due to its isolation and remoteness, Iquitos is an area overcome with prostitution, drug addiction, crime, and poverty. Unfortunately, children continue to be one of the most vulnerable groups of people in the city of Iquitos. In fact, many children born in the slums or in the drug holes often die at a young age or are sold for less than $2.00. Our response to this issue is to build a children’s home called Hogar Genesis!

Who Are We Partnering With?

Over the years, our workers Rodolfo and Saraid have built strong relationships with the most vulnerable in the city as they bring the light of the gospel to many dark places through street ministry, drug-hole ministry, and children’s programs. They have two children, Giselle and Salvador.

If you would like to personally support Rodolfo, Saraid, and their family, you can give a special gift or support them monthly:

What Is The Initiative?

Our partners Rodolfo and Saraid had the vision to care for those who had nobody else to, and we have supported and made this dream a reality. A light amid this darkness is a children’s home called Hogar Genesis. The goal is to have a home that will love and care for children who have been abandoned, neglected, or rescued. This home will help both children and families by providing them with strong Christian counselling, Christian principles, and values with hopes of restoring the family unit.

The Goals of Hogar Genesis:

  • To provide care and love in a family environment for children who are neglected or abandoned
  • To provide Christian counsel and support for families in crisis with the hopes of restoring the family unit
  • To provide opportunities for adoption if restoration of the family is not possible

In addition, Rodolfo and his team provide activities and teaching for children in an area called Belen on a weekly basis. They are also actively involved in outreach work with the local Prison, drug holes, and families that are in crisis.

Belén Kids is a program where we educate children in remote areas of the city because they cannot afford to attend school. We teach life lessons and above all, show  how to love others, allowing Jesus to be their guide in life.”

Street Ministry is dedicated to seeking the restoration of people who have fallen into drug addiction, alcoholism, and violence.”

“Rodolfo visits the Local Prison to provide a second chance to those who have been imprisoned for their mistakes in the past, providing them with the legal and spiritual advice.”

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