We are committed to partnering with churches and Christian leaders in addressing a variety of causes and efforts making an impact now and into the future. We want to see individuals and communities flourish as we bring the hope of the good news of Jesus in both word and deed.

Food security is having continuous, reliable access to safe, nourishing food. Food security is determined by four components:

  • Availability: “Is food available close by?”
  • Accessible: “Am I able to purchase this food?”
  • Advantageous: “Is this food healthy?”
  • Abundant: “Will the food be available tomorrow and in the future?”

When any one of these components is stressed or unmet, food insecurity is an issue.

United Nations has as one of its Sustainable Development Goals – “ZERO HUNGER BY 2030”

While we produce sufficient food for everyone on the planet, many people still go hungry. ImpactHope is committed to being a part of the solution, working together with community leaders to find ways to feed the poorest of the poor and all those in need.

Food Security Project Locations