Women deserve to live in a better world. For this to be realized, gender equality needs to be addressed as it is a critical development goal for long term sustainability. The symptoms may vary depending on the location, but gender inequality is a truly global concern. Here are six facts that show that girls and women everywhere face serious barriers to a better world:

  1. Over 150 countries have at least one actively sexist law 
  2. Each minute, 28 girls are married before they are ready 
  3. 1 in 3 women have experienced physical or sexual violence at some point in their lifetime 
  4.  In most countries, women only earn between 60 and 75% of men’s wages for the same work 
  5. There are approximately 781 million illiterate adults worldwide – two-thirds of whom are women 
  6. 63 million girls still need to go to school 

It is our goal to support and develop programs that address:

  1. Gender based violence
  2. Access to quality healthcare for women
  3. Equal access to quality education
  4. Child marriage and genital mutilation
  5. Skills training and business opportunities for women (microfinance)

ImpactHope is involved in issues concerning gender equality because Jesus showed that he respected women and showed that their needs are equally as important as mens’. We are seeking to expand our present initiatives that empower girls and women. To that end, we seek to provide sanitary pads for girls through secondary school, enabling them to complete their education and potentially pursue future studies. We also support through microfinancing, sewing initiatives and support groups for women and girls.

Project locations Gender Equality/Women Empowerment issues are being addressed:

Guatemala – Nebaj

KENYA – Nairobi/Kagan

KENYA – Kisumu/Nandi County region


Mexico – Oaxaca

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