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Responding to Challenges with Hope

Aside from the long-term sustainable projects that we champion, we also respond to the various situations faced by the most vulnerable in the communities that we serve around the world.

Whether it’s the sudden loss of a family member, or a dire financial situation faced by a stellar student, we work with magnanimous donors like YOU to respond quickly with financial aid, assistance, and HOPE.


Charles was a staff in the Food Security and Income Generation Ministry at KEDHAP, Kenya. Charles met his demise in very untoward circumstances. He is survived by his wife and three young children, the eldest being only in grade 2. We have committed to supporting Charles’ wife and children with a financial gift of $2500. We are also helping her build a roof over their heads so the family will have a safe shelter.

If you would like to bless Charles’ bereaved family, go here and select ‘Support Charles’ Family’ in the subsequent donation pages.

Click here to know more about KEDHAP (Kenya Economic Development & Human Advancement Project)


Support 17-year-old Mwale Joseph, one of Kenya’s brightest, in achieving his dreams of attending University in Biomedical Sciences. Out of other candidates who sat for the school’s national examination, Mwale was in the top 2.4% in all of Kenya, with over 800000 students testing in grade 12. Mwale will need at least $5000 a year for his four-year university course.

Would you like to help Mwale cross his next finish line? Donate to KEDHAP and designate ‘Mwale’s Education’ in the subsequent pages.

Click here to know more about KEDHAP (Kenya Economic Development & Human Advancement Project)


The hospital in Nebaj is a 40+ bed facility, a USD 3 million project to serve the people in the area. Since 2015, we have been actively constructing a new hospital building. As the new hospital is being built, the next phase entails purchasing medical equipment and other construction costs, totalling up to $300,000 CDN. The immediate need is the purchase of an X-ray machine. You can help us reach the goal of $180,000 for this equipment!

To help us purchase equipment for the hospital, go here.

Click here to know more about the hospital Servicios Medicos Vida y Esperanza.


In 2019, ImpactHope committed to drilling a well in the Olkesumet Prayer Response Center. This Maasai community needed to walk for over 20 km to get to the nearest water source. A bountiful supply of clean fresh water was located at a depth of 300m! Phase 3 of the project will focus on long-term agricultural solutions in the hope that improvements in agricultural productivity will create social and economic ripple effects. This would include fencing, clearing the land, cultivation, procuring seeds, fertilizer, and tools, and building a storage house.

If you would like to support this project financially and help us see it to its completion, click here.

Click here to know more about the Kenya Water Well Project


Casa Compasiva (Compassion House), a Christian Birthing and Midwifery Training center, was born to provide a caring alternative to the unacceptable birthing options in Oaxaca, Mexico. It supports child-bearing women with quality care and the dignity that God bestows on women.

Casa Compasiva needs an Autoclave, which is a sterilization machine for devices and tools used during appointments and births. The machine is starting to fail and parts are no longer available. You can help us reach the goal of $2000 for this machine here!

Click here to know more about Casa Compasiva.


We believe that self-sustained and midterm projects like raising chickens will resolve the need for food security in Cubulco. A specialized team will work with the local community to recover and promote endogenous agricultural production. The project will incorporate the production of heritage chickens using local techniques and enable families to develop resources within their community, including the use of local grains.

Support the chicken project here! Designate your donation to the ‘Chicken Project’ in your comments.

Click here to know more about the Ortiz’s ministry in Cubulco.


Children at the Shelter of Hope Academy have benefited greatly from the students’ Feeding Program! Every day, these children look forward to coming to a place of learning, nourishment and encouragement. Most of the classrooms leak during the rainy season, hindering classes. The grade 8 class ranked 2nd out of 210 schools in Rangwe County where SOH academy is situated.

These children have so much potential and their futures are dependent on the generosity of our donors! If you would to give towards the completion of the school building, click here. Designate your donation to the ‘Kagan School’ in your comments.

Click here to know more about Shelter of Hope.

Which Cause Do You Want To Be Involved In?

Our work is at the grassroots level, primarily with national and North American partners. These partners assess the needs of the area, as they know what is best, and together with their community, we find appropriate ways to address those needs.

If you are interested in getting involved or supporting any of our projects, you can donate online or directly contact our office for more information.

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