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Poverty in Malawi is driven by low productivity in the agriculture sector, limited opportunities in non-farm activities, volatile economic growth, rapid population growth, and limited coverage of safety net programs and targeting challenges.

We are working together with Pastor Moses in Dedza Malawi to make a change. We have created an Empowerment Project, which supports 110 widows and women in poverty. 

Malawi is a south-east African country bordered by Zambia, the United Republic of Tanzania and Mozambique.

Who Are We Partnering With?

This project empowers women to create sustainable lives through pig farming. In this project model, a group of five women will receive funds and buy three female pigs for breeding. After the number of pigs increases, members will share the piglets so that each one has a pig to care for. As the initial group of pigs continues to expand, more pigs will be available for a sustainable livelihood and future funds. In the meantime, this group of women will share the money earned to meet their personal needs, such as their children’s education and food to feed their families. The pigs’ manure will be used in gardens, reducing the costs of buying artificial fertilizers while improving their soil fertility.

We have also joined Pastor Moses in creating Gardening Projects for women, supporting 125 HIV/AIDS infected women and helping them create a sustainable living through growing crops. Women in groups of five invest in group farming. Each group purchases seeds and 2 acres of farmland. Members do the work of cultivation until harvest season. They sell the produce, procure next season’s seeds, and hire more workers to work the land. The surplus sales will be distributed to each member to meet personal needs. Groups of women in these projects also meet once every month for bible study, pray together, and share experiences, creating a supportive community!

Pastor Moses with his wife Grace in Malawi
Did you know that Pig farmers use less water, land and energy than ever before!?
Gardening Projects help women generate a small source of income to feed their families.

Causes Being Addressed:


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