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February 2024: Flash Floods in Malawi

Our hearts are heavy as we receive devastating news from Nkhotakota district, Malawi. Flash floods have displaced thousands, including acquaintances of our partner Pastor Moses and 18 community members. They have lost their homes and are now left with nothing, nowhere to sleep, and facing unimaginable challenges.

Please join us in prayer for the survival and well-being of Pastor Moses, his community, and the more than 7,000 people reported as being without shelter. Let us lift them in prayer during this challenging time. In addition to the immediate threat to human life and infrastructure, the flooding has caused extensive damage to local agriculture. Fields of maize and rice have been washed away, which is a significant blow to the region’s food security. This has added to the urgency of the ongoing rescue and relief efforts.

Together, through prayers and action, let’s offer hope and support to the people of Nkhotakota district in their time of need. 

You can also make a tangible difference by donating here. Every contribution counts and will help provide essential aid to those affected by this tragic disaster.

Designate your donation to ‘floods’ in the comments.

NEW BLOG POST: Safe Water Project In Malawi

In Malawi, access to clean water isn’t just a convenience—it’s a matter of life and death for vulnerable communities. Our WASH Project has made strides, but the need is urgent. With over 230 households now benefiting, we’re doubling our efforts to reach even more families. Your support isn’t just about giving—it’s about saving lives and offering hope where it’s needed most. (Read more…)

January 2024: Clean Water For Families

Our amazing donors have gifted us Aquatabs, and the impact is already incredible in Malawi, where clean water is a precious resource.

These little wonders are making a BIG difference! Did you know? 50,000 tablets can purify 50,000 litres of water, providing immediate relief in areas facing water challenges.

Meet Cathrene Kanyimbo, a grateful beneficiary from the Katsekaminga community in the Dedza district. With six children, she and her family used to depend on unsafe water from a well. Thanks to your support, they now have access to treated water. For over seven months, they have experienced fewer illnesses at home, and there have been no more cases of diarrhea caused by contaminated water!

But the journey doesn’t end here. We’re committed to long-term solutions alongside our dedicated partner, Pastor Moses. Your continued support is crucial! Help us ensure more impact stories like Cathrene’s here.

NEW BLOG POST: Unveiling Timothy’s Journey

In Lemu village, where hope flickers against the shadows of struggle, we meet a ten-year-old boy whose aspirations echo those of any child. Yet, Timothy’s journey is marred by significant challenges that hinder his daily life and dreams. Join us in delving into the untold difficulties faced by Timothy, a poignant narrative brought to light by the unwavering dedication of Pastor Moses and his team.

📖 Dive into Timothy’s story:

As we navigate through Timothy’s silent struggle, we uncover the urgent call for support in the pursuit of a brighter future for him and others like him in Malawi. Your support can make a world of difference!

November 2023: WASH Initiative

Empowering Malawi’s Future, One Tablet at a Time 

We are excited to share a heartwarming update from Pastor Moses and his dedicated team in Malawi! A mobilization meeting was conducted in November, with 115 caregivers of orphans and vulnerable children in the Katsekaminga community.

This vital training focused on Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), and the team had the privilege of having a facilitator from Dedza Hospital leading the session. During the training, they equipped the caregivers with knowledge of the administration of water purification tablets, a practice highly recommended by the hospital. Pastor Moses is delighted to report that this intervention has been welcomed with open arms and is considered a timely initiative to improve the lives of the community.

But that’s not all! His team has already started distributing these essential water purification tablets to each of the identified households. In addition, they’ve assigned five dedicated volunteers who will visit the homes of these children, delivering not only the tablets but also providing further assistance and support.

To ensure continuous progress and engagement, the 115 caregivers will gather at the center once a month. During these meetings, they will receive another portion of water purification tablets. We believe in holistic development, and these gatherings will also include group activities and reporting.

We hope to keep you updated on the impact of these water purification tablets, and as we witness the positive changes, we’ll be looking to secure more supplies to enhance the lives of these amazing people further.

We are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support, which allows us to make a real difference in the lives of the vulnerable and underserved in the Katsekaminga community. Together, we are bringing hope, change, and empowerment to this community. 

Grateful for Your Impact! Together, We’re Bringing Hope to Malawi! 

We’re so grateful to our donors who have gifted us water purification tablets – Aquatabs! These little wonders will make a huge difference in #Malawi, where the need is immense.

Malawi faces challenges in accessing clean water, but we’re trying to tackle it head-on. 50,000 tablets can purify 50,000 litres of water! While these tablets offer immediate respite, we firmly believe in working towards sustainable, long-term solutions alongside our dedicated partner, Pastor Moses.

Every drop counts. Your generosity is creating a wave of change, providing immediate relief and inspiring hope for a brighter future. Together, we’re making miracles happen! Thank you for being the driving force behind ImpactHope’s mission. Let’s continue this incredible journey together, nurturing a better tomorrow for all.

July 2023

Pastor Moses’ passion for uplifting others and making a lasting impact in Malawi through his ministry is truly inspiring. Here are some of the initiatives:

  • Malawi Prison Ministry: The prison ministry demonstrates compassion and care for those incarcerated, fostering hope in even the most challenging circumstances. Their dedication to transforming lives behind bars exemplifies the power of rehabilitation and redemption.
  • Rural Church Planting: In underserved areas with limited access to places of worship, Moses and his team take the initiative to plant churches, spreading the message of faith, love, and community. By establishing these religious centers, they provide essential spiritual support to remote communities.
  • Local Leaders Development: Recognizing the paramount importance of strong leadership, they invest in local leaders’ growth and development. Through comprehensive training and empowerment programs, they nurture capable change-makers who can positively impact their communities.

Moses’ dedication to effecting positive change and promoting sustainable growth is evident in every aspect of this ministry.

Together, we can be the catalysts of hope and transformation! 

May 2023

ImpactHope supports projects in three districts – Dedza, Blantyre and Chikwawa in Malawi. The goat project provides a sustainable source of income and food for women and their families.

Stelia, a resident of the Chikwawa district, received a meat goat in 2021. By January 2023, her goats had multiplied to seven. She could sell five of them, using the proceeds to purchase seeds, fertilizers, and food for her household. Additionally, she paid for a term of her child’s school fees. Stelia says, “I am a self-reliant woman now through this goat farming project; I can see a future for survival!”. 

Namaleta, a widow, is now able to sustain herself with the help of her goats. She uses the proceeds from selling milk and soap to support herself and purchase food. Previously, she did not have proper housing, but she was able to use the funds from selling some of her goats to hire men to mould bricks and construct a new home for herself.

By donating to this project, you are helping to break the cycle of poverty and providing hope for a brighter future. To empower other women like Stelia and Namaleta, give a gift or support us monthly here.

April 2023

Cyclone Freddy left a trail of destruction in its wake after ripping through Malawi, first in late February before circling back in March. The storm affected over 2 million people and displaced over half a million as it washed away homes, roads, and other infrastructure. (Reuters)

Our partner in Malawi, Pastor Moses, has been preaching a message of hope to the Cyclone Freddy victims in the Magulugulu camp. They swung into action to provide emergency services to those affected. This recovery work continues today.

Moses and Grace Chikuta held training for church leaders in the Chitipa district for eight days in April. Thirty-two church pastors from different denominations enrolled for the training. This will equip them to serve their congregations well, encouraging them to overcome challenges.

Your support is critical to ensure this relief work continues, and leaders are encouraged to continue working faithfully for the Kingdom of God. Your donations will go towards the restoration of the community in Dedza, Malawi.

Special Fundraiser: Relief for Malawi

Tropical Cyclone Freddy has killed at least 326 people after it ripped through southern Malawi. The resulting devastation has left survivors trapped and fighting for survival. People could be seen using shovels, even bare hands, to search for the people in the rubble.

This video shows the footage sent by our partner on the ground in Malawi. 

Your generous donation will assist in the relief efforts for the immediate food and water needs. As the situation settles, these funds will also help redevelop the area. 

March 2023: Cyclone Freddy Devastates Malawi

Cyclone Freddy has ravaged regions of the country, with the death toll increasing (presently over 225 people and counting). Its first coming left homes, schools and crops destroyed and vulnerable communities at serious risk. The impacts of Cyclone Freddy are now being felt for the second time, leading to an increase in affected people and families seeking assistance. The floods have wiped out villages, homes, farms, and livestock. Their meagre means of making a living is gone.
Your generous donation will assist in the relief efforts for the immediate food and water needs. As the situation settles, these funds will also help redevelop the area. This contribution can be the difference between life and death for those affected.
ImpactHope has been working with Pastor Moses for eight years and has a trusted team of people to assist in these emergencies.

February 2023

“Evidence watched as her 14-year-old friend rocked a baby in her arms. She was dreading the reality in front of her…”

Evidence had lost her parents, and her aunt was the only relative willing to take her in. Her aunt could barely make ends meet and pressured her to marry an older man. Evidence ultimately yielded, and they got married. She was beginning to lose hope until ImpactHope’s local partner reached out to her. The organization was working with the community to inform them of the risks of early marriage and change the social norms that promote this practice.

Evidence was in form 2 when she was helped to escape the forced marriage and return to school. She was also given a school bursary each term and a school uniform.

Her aunt, who forced her to get married early, now completely supports her at home when Evidence attends and returns from school. Evidence is a bright student, and we are overjoyed to see her life forever changed!

In Malawi, 42 percent of girls are married before their 18th birthday, with 9 percent married before they turn 15. ( Child marriages increase the risk of early pregnancy, leading to complications during pregnancy and childbirth and maternal mortality. Girls who marry early often drop out of school and miss out on life skills to become economically productive adults.

Thanks to your generous donations, three girls were rescued from early and forced marriages and returned to secondary school in 2022. Our partner in Malawi also sponsored the school fees of six orphaned youths in 2022. These youth had dropped out of school due to poverty, hunger, child abuse, and lack of parental care and guidance.

Thank you for changing the lives of children like Evidence in Malawi. 

January 2023

Developing a sustainable food security and nutrition project has been a focus to help women in Malawi access nutritious food and nutrition education. This could include establishing community gardens, providing information on healthy eating, and teaching sustainable farming practices.

Women in the Chikwawa district, one of the districts most affected by cyclone Ana, are still vulnerable. A goat management training was held at the Ngabu centre in Lowershire to help these women.

These women will be engaged in this sustainable agriculture program focusing on milk goat farming. An animal expert from the Ministry of Agriculture did the facilitation.

Twenty-nine women have received the training. 

October, 2022

“Thank You for giving my children and me a shot at a better future..” – Esther, member of the agriculture project in Malawi.

Poverty in Malawi is driven by low productivity in the agriculture sector, limited opportunities in non-farm activities, and volatile economic growth.

With our partners, we are pioneering an Empowerment Project which supports widows, orphans, and women in poverty. This video is of an agriculture project for sustainability for vulnerable widows and orphans in Blantyre, Malawi.

Play Video about Women Empowerment Agriculture Project

Thanks to your support, these vulnerable women and children have the opportunity to create a better future for themselves.

September, 2022

My name is Ellena, and I am a 16-year-old orphan. I was forced into marriage by my uncle last year. I have been in an unwanted marriage for nearly a year. Can you imagine? A 15-year-old girl with an elderly man? How could I be happy? I thought my life was over..

Education for Girls and Poor Orphans Project (EGPOP) is a social-cultural response toward creating educational opportunities for the poorest girls and orphans in secondary schools with funding from our generous donors. Through an initiative of EGPOP, our partner in Malawi has helped Ellena’s uncle understand the need for her to get out of the marriage and return to school.

Ellena is now one of the orphaned girls rescued from a forced and early marriage, and she has now returned to school in grade 1. Your donations have allowed us to support her with learning materials, school fees, and essential body needs this term. We have currently identified 13 more girls and orphans ready to return to school next term if such support can be found.

In Malawi, less than 15% of women have any secondary school education, with 42% of girls married before the age of 18—the twelfth highest rate of child marriage in the world. Without a complete secondary education, girls like Ellena are the most vulnerable to the effects of child marriage and extreme poverty, thus being forced into sex, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, domestic abuse, and physically demanding agricultural work.

For just 50 USD, you can support one girl child with all the necessary needs for school, body care and fees for one term. If you would like to change a vulnerable child’s life, consider giving a gift or donating monthly here.

August, 2022

The Empowerment Project supports 110 widows and women in poverty. Through a community-based women empowerment program, meat goats are provided to widows. The Mbuzi (Goat) project empowers families through women to alleviate poverty and enable self-sufficiency.

A goat is an asset to a vulnerable household; it breeds quickly. Offspring can be sold to help families cope or kept to produce manure, which will improve subsequent harvests. Ideally, within a year, each family can choose to sell goats to improve their homes or pay for school fees and use manure to increase their maize and vegetable harvests to produce a surplus to sell. Thanks to our generous sponsors,

Pastor Moses was able to start the program with a small group of widows.

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