Oaxaca Province, Mexico

About The Location & History

There are over 120 languages in the Oaxaca area. Sadly, the high majority do not have songs in their own native tongue. They sing in spanish, which many do not understand nor fully comprehend. Together with Isaac and Fer, we want to develop the creative arts and encourage the indigenous people to write and compose their own songs – songs to truly worship their God.

Who Are We Partnering With?

Originally from a small town in Oregon, Isaac’s family moved to Oaxaca Mexico where his parents served as missionaries for 18 years. He returned to the USA to study music and theology at Spokane Washington. He returned to the Oaxaca area following university where he met his future wife, Marifer (from Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico.) Eventually, Isaac and Fer were married in January of 2018! They began working in Oaxaca, teaching music privately and Fer also worked at Casa Compasiva (a birthing center ministry in Oaxaca).

What’s The Initiative?

Isaac and Fer believe they are called to the ministry of mentoring youth, church/camp music ministry and “Ethnomusicology!” Ethnomusicology is the study of music as it is found in a given people group. While many of the 120 language groups in the Oaxaca area have the New Testament in their own language, they still sing in Spanish since there are no songs in most if not all of the indigenous languages in the area. Their desire is to help local Christians develop authentic worship music in their own language, releasing a greater expression of praise to God that cannot but help draw others to Him – One language group at a time!

What Has Been Accomplished?

This is a new effort that is slowly getting underway (delay due to COVID-19. Isaac and Fer have been busy teaching music, doing online language classes and leading Bible Studies.


Listen To: Yo Tengo Un Amigo – Isaac Quezada

Causes Being Addressed: