About the Project

ImpactHope supports two projects in Cuba. We sponsor two national couples living in the Caribbean. They are committed to reaching and serving their people, seeking to impact children, families and seniors as they serve in practical and tangible ways. 

Since 2003, ImpactHope has worked together with our partners to reach and impact people in two areas of the country. While construction opportunities to assist the nationals are plentiful, resources are always in short supply.

ImpactHope has been working together with Jorge & Sandra for the last 15 years, focusing on reaching children, seniors, and supporting pastors!

ImpactHope has been working together with Carlos & Rosa for a number of years, reaching children through kids clubs, providing education, and food!

Thousands of children have been reached over the years and the impact is already visible in the next generation of leaders. With very few social programs, opportunities to serve and assist those with special needs and their caregivers are plentiful. Home visits are a critical part of this ministry.  One’s physical presence, prayers, and words can bring tears to people in dire situations.

Many pastors subsist on very little income. Sadly, it is the children of the pastoral couple who suffer the most. While there are opportunities for supporting pastors, ImpactHope is beginning to investigate ways to create a better measure of sustainability through agriculture or small business ventures.

Canadians play an important role in being the hands and feet of Jesus to bring hope and love to these people. Be a part of touching a life!  Your SUPPORT and PERSONAL PARTICIPATION can encourage those who continue to struggle and bring them hope. 

Causes Being Addressed: