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March 2023: Kids Ministry

The Kids Clubs held by Carlos and Rosa in Camaguey aim to provide biblical teachings and instructions in a loving, caring and fun environment where children can be drawn to Jesus Christ and learn to seek Him earnestly, serve Him faithfully, and share Him boldly with others.

In January, the Kids Club impacted 87 kids and 20 adults. In February, 67 kids and 27 adults participated in the activities. Carlos and Rosa also support one senior monthly with essential supplies and other support.

Your patronage has been vital for the ministry!

Feb 2023: Blessing The Community With Food

Carlos says the best reward for his efforts is a smile from these little ones!

Carlos and Rosa, our partners in Camaguey, Cuba, work diligently to serve the most vulnerable in their community. Cuba is facing a severe food crisis due to a combination of factors, including a decline in agricultural production, the U.S. embargo, the impact of climate change, etc. Cuban families have witnessed the mercy of our Lord through the support of our donors like YOU, who have been generously willing to contribute and bless others.


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Jan 2023: Yolanda’s Story

Yolanda Salas is a grandmother to four children. Yolanda took her grandchildren under her wing after their parents passed away. Yolanda’s daughter earns a living and does what she can to support her. The children are very attached to Yolanda, especially little Kevin.

Our partners in Cuba visited Yolanda to bless her with some food, provisions, and encouragement. Yolanda is a kind and gentle soul who tries her best to provide her grandchildren with a loving home. Despite their difficult circumstances, the children are happy and filled with love and joy. Today, thanks to your support, a part of this family is gathering and walking in the way of the Lord. Our partners in Palma Soriano, Jorge and Sandra, work hard to bring hope to the hopeless, encourage those in need, deliver food to the less fortunate, help the sick, share the Gospel, and minister in their churches.

Cuban families have witnessed the mercy of our Lord through the support of donors like YOU, who have been generously willing to contribute and bless others. We pray that you continue to support us.

Your support made this gesture of love possible.

Dec 2022: Love Thy Neighbour!

For every family gathering in a warm home with a tree and stockings filled with gifts, there is another family with barely enough food in their pantry.

In Palma Soriano, Jorge and Sandra are committed to reaching and serving their people, seeking to share the love of God with children, families, and seniors as they help in practical and tangible ways. They work hard to bring hope to the hopeless, encourage those in need, deliver food to the less fortunate, help the sick, share the Gospel, and minister in their churches.

For many of us, the holiday season was joyful, but a hunger catastrophe was still unfolding in Cuba. The couple decided to bless their neighbours with Christmas dinners over a couple of days and hosted them with prayers and warm, homemade food.

Your support made this gesture of love possible.

Blog Post: Bring Hope to a Broken Country

“We want freedom; we want life; we want to live, and we don’t want to [just] survive.” – These are the words of a 17-year-old in Cuba. (Source: CNA)

More than a year has passed after the historic protests of July 11, 2021, when tens of thousands of people took to the streets to raise their voices for human rights, fundamental freedoms, and a better life. The protests were over rising food costs, medical shortages and dire socio-economic conditions that worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the overall economy remains dire, with long lines and rapidly increasing prices for limited goods.


September 2022: Maryam Needs Hope

Maryam is an intelligent 5-year-old girl, who grasps information relatively quickly. She is blessed with the ability to memorize long texts! But there is a grim shadow hanging over Maryam’s life…

When Maryam was still in the womb, the doctors had given her parents the grim diagnosis of failed kidneys. The couple fought for the life of their unborn child, and Maryam was mercifully born with healthy kidneys! Maryam was, however, diagnosed at the age of two with a genetic disease called Neurofibromatosis. This disease has caused a tumour in the optic nerve. The tumour is bilateral since she has a lesion on both sides of the optic nerve, causing blindness in the left eye and decreased vision in the right eye, with the risk of eventually becoming blind.

According to specialists, this disease has no treatment unless there is a manifestation such as a tumour. Maryam’s chances now depend on her quality of life, a good diet and maintaining favourable conditions around her to counteract any symptoms. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy since it is too risky to operate on the bilateral tumour.  

Maryam has two siblings, two-years-old and eight months old, respectively. Amid darkness, grief and pain, YOUR support can shine a ray of hope on this family. Donate here.

Your support can help Maryam be brave!
After a session of chemotherapy.

July 2022: Pray for CUBA​

In July, thousands of Cubans took to the streets in landmark demonstrations protesting long-standing restrictions on rights, and scarcity of food and medicines.

Homes are running for almost 12 hours without electricity daily. There’s a severe shortage of food, medicines and hygiene items.

Pray for peace, healing and restoration!


Brad, our Director, spent time with our partners in Cuba this month. What he saw and experienced moved him deeply and led him to pen down his thoughts. Brothers and sisters, let’s pray for Cuba. Let’s not stop, let’s not rest, let’s not give up. 

Read the letter here.

May 2022​

  • The economic situation is very dire, and people have to work extra hard to make ends meet. During the pandemic, our partners in Cuba: Carlos and Rosa, and Jorge and Sandra, were on the front line (and still are) working hard and intensively, bringing hope and life-saving supplies to those in need.
  • Monthly evangelization activities have resumed and food programs have deeply impacted the people who are already buckling under the tough economic situation. Meagre salaries do not allow the purchase of necessary food, which is mainly sold on the black market at exorbitant prices.
  • To see the impact of your support in Your support has helped children in the regions of Camaguey, Palma Soriano, and Holguin, read the updates here.

December 2021: Quarterly Update

We believe that God uses people to impact people and those who have received assistance during the pandemic have expressed the impact your generosity has made on them. You have impacted the lives of many kids, seniors, families and pastors in Cuba, particularly children in the regions of Camaguey, Palma Soriano and Holguin.

To read the updates, click here.

December 2021​

  • Food is becoming scarce and prices are increasing drastically as covid continues to spread within the island. Before the economic recession, 1 lb of meat was $1 USD and 5 lbs of rice was $1 USD. Now, 1 lb of meat is close to $5 USD and 1 lb of rice is now $3 USD. With the help of donors, several families were blessed with food during the last 4 months.
  • Though covid cases have relatively decreased in the country, the dengue epidemic caused by the Aedes mosquito is keeping all hospitals at maximum capacity, while food and essential items continue to sell at high prices.
  • In spite of being struck with COVID and related health-issues, Jorge and Sandra were able to help over 48 families in the last 4 months, with food packages that include rice, cooking oil, chicken, and beans!
  • Jorge and Sandra continue to encourage the community with personal house visits, to provide support and encouragement.
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