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Partner with Communities for Long-Term Change

Welcome to Impact Trips, where we collaborate with local communities so you can join us in empowering the poor and creating lasting change. Our approach to short-term missions is guided by values such as compassion, humility, and respect, which are fundamental to building meaningful relationships that honour the strengths and assets of local communities.

We believe that serving those in need is a vital part of God’s mission to renew all things, and we recognize the importance of doing this in a way that is respectful, empowering, and sustainable. Our focus is not only on the short-term impact of our trips but also on creating long-term solutions that align with the priorities of local communities. We work closely with our partners to ensure that our trips align with their priorities and are geared toward fostering mutual learning, respect, and understanding.

Our trips are designed to provide meaningful opportunities for personal growth and transformation while also contributing to the greater good.


ImpactHope Young Adults Grant

The Young Adults Grant Campaign is designed to raise funds to subsidize mission trips for young Canadian adults who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Our goal is to support these individuals in their journey to serve and lead by providing financial assistance for transformative mission experiences.

Empowering Communities for Lasting Change 

Poverty isn’t just a lack of material resources but a result of broken relationships with God, self, others, and the rest of creation.”The Chalmers Center.

This quote highlights the complex nature of poverty and the importance of addressing not only the tangible needs of individuals but also their spiritual, emotional, and social well-being.

To effectively tackle poverty, we need to walk with people experiencing poverty in humble relationships and promote lasting change. By fostering a model of missions that values humility and mutual learning, we hope to break down the barriers between ‘helpers’ and ‘helped’ and create a space for shared growth and transformation.

We believe that the Chalmers Center’s resources are an excellent tool for learning more about this approach to missions and how it can be applied in practice. Materials like ‘When Helping Hurts and Helping Without Hurting in Short-Term Missions‘ provide insight into tackling poverty and moving beyond good intentions towards lasting change. Go deeper by watching this video by the Chalmers Center. 

Impact Trips at a Glance

At ImpactHope, we see Impact Trips as a stepping-stone toward long-term involvement in poverty alleviation, advocacy, and community building. Our hope is that your experience is transformative and serves as a catalyst for lasting change. This process can be broken down into six key steps. 

Where Can I Go?

Types of Teams

With a focus on sustainable community development and a commitment to cultivating meaningful relationships, both Open and Closed Teams provide an enriching and impactful experience for all participating.

1. Open Teams

Join one of our upcoming Open Teams and make a meaningful impact! Immerse yourself in life-changing experiences as we work together to bring hope and make a difference.


  • *Cost – Please note that the cost estimate for these trips is dependent on various factors, including flights, travel insurance, team size, inflation, and dollar exchange rates. All prices are based on flights departing from Toronto unless otherwise noted. Prices may vary accordingly.
  • Size – Open teams also have a minimum team size, which means that by the application deadline, we will need to have at least the minimum number of participants in order to proceed with the trip as described.
  • Dates – The scheduled dates may change, and we will communicate any changes as they arise.

Schedule of Open Trips: 2024

2. Closed Teams

A Closed Team is a pre-established group of people who share the desire to serve together! 

Calendar of Planned Impact Trips: 2024

We have planned mission trips to Guatemala, Kenya, Oaxaca, and Peru in 2024.

  • Jan to April – Internship at Tat’s Place in Puerto Maldonado, Peru
  • Jan to March – Internship at Tat’s Place in Puerto Maldonado, Peru
  • February – Construction of Hospital in Nebaj, Guatemala
  • March – Medical Team at Casa Compasiva in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • March – Family at Tat’s Place in Puerto Maldonado, Peru
  • April – Construction of Hospital in Nebaj, Guatemala
  • May– Construction of Hospital in Nebaj, Guatemala
  • Fall – Ministry Team at Iquitos, Peru (TDB)

Snapshots from Impact Trips


ImpactHope trips depend on several factors, location, time of year, airfare, team size, duration, and field project costs. The trip cost covers all expenses within the country, including flights, travel insurance, food, accommodation, and project/ministry expenses. Team members are required to fundraise for these trip costs. All donations for the approved trip costs are tax deductible. A schedule will be provided for when these funds are needed. Expenses incurred during travel (food, visa, etc.) are not included. ImpactHope allows brief tourist activities, which are not included in the trip costs. ImpactHope encourages all team members to bring cash for these expenses and any souvenirs purchased.

Our approach to service overseas is rooted in our Christian faith. We adhere to the statement of faith, values, and behaviour expectations of most evangelical churches.
While we welcome people from all backgrounds and experiences on these trips, we expect all participants to respect our Christian approach and values. It is vital that our visits and participation do not negatively impact the ministry sites of our project partners. We are guests, and they serve long-term. We encourage individuals with different skills, experiences, and perspectives to join us on this journey toward renewal by seeking peace, justice, and love for all communities, but we reserve the right to disapprove volunteers to participate in these trips.

We recommend at least six months before the trip. While it can be accomplished in a shorter time, we want individuals on trips to be well-prepared. The reason for this is threefold:

  • We want to ensure that all trips are going to be productive and beneficial to our partners and the surrounding community. 
  • We believe that the lasting purpose of a short-term trip begins when you commit to participating in a trip. In the months leading up to the trip, team members are asked to use this time to prepare for the trip in several ways; this includes fundraising, team building, cross-cultural training, spiritual preparation, and more.
  • Lastly, this time gives ImpactHope the best chance to organize a trip that meets both the desires and budget of your team!

None! We provide training for all teams that go to our project sites. Short-term mission teams have been notorious for hurting the people they intend to help. To ensure that each team is prepared for the experience, we work with your team leader to provide you with the materials and training that will position your heart to come alongside the partners as they make lasting change in their community. We help you be a part of the poverty alleviation solution!

Short-term trips are an opportunity for long-term change. The purpose of the trip is not only to provide an opportunity to participate in what God is doing but to understand your role in poverty alleviation around the world. Our project partners are encouraged when people are interested in the work they do, especially by the teams who commit to developing long-lasting relationships with them. This is a chance to experience the work God does outside your Western bubble, which can be a life-changing experience. Each of ImpactHope’s projects has the mission to transform the lives of their community through the power of the gospel and service. ImpactHope’s headquarters participate in this mission by sharing stories of God’s work and providing opportunities for North Americans to experience God’s redemption story.

Short answer: yes. It is necessary that we are all on the same page before you are sent. We work with your team leader to ensure that the training is adapted to the schedule of the team. We follow the “When Helping Hurts Short-term Team Guide” course and principles. Generally, these would be our training recommendations to your Team Leader:

  • 6 sessions before your trip.
  • 1 session during the trip.
  • 1-2 debrief sessions within two weeks after you have returned.

If you go on multiple trips with us, we ask that you go over our review material designed to further engage in themes and ideas covered in previous training.

The Team Leader holds various responsibilities – all with the goal of helping to prepare and lead the team, both logistically and spiritually. The responsibilities include:

  • Be ImpactHope’s primary contact. Any information regarding the trip will be communicated to the team leader from our office, and they will be responsible for relaying the information to the participants accordingly. Although ImpactHope performs the majority of the trip coordination, we work closely with the Team Leader to help coordinate a trip that meets the needs and desires of the team as a whole.
  • Facilitate training sessions. We will provide all materials; however, we ask the Team Leader to engage in more in-depth material in order to help guide the team during the training process.

Work with our missionaries on the field to coordinate the team. Our on-field hosts will be responsible for coordinating items on the itinerary; however, the Team Leader will be asked to organize their team and facilitate meetings while on the field.

We would be happy to answer any additional questions at

Trip Inquiry

Ready to join us in making a lasting difference and experience the transformative power of Impact Trips? As Chalmers Center founder Brian Fikkert says, “God is at work transforming the world, and it is a privilege to join Him in that work.” We invite you to join us on this transformation journey as we build relationships, promote dignity and respect, and serve those in need in a way that honours God and reflects His love for all people. Inquire about an Impact Trip today!


Ed Kupiery
Ed KupieryVolunteer
Read More
I have been to Guatemala 13 times since 2006 to do volunteer work. The most impactful part of these trips is our home visits with local families. The local pastor usually arranges these visits. The personal visits gets people in the community excited. We always made a habit to send groups of three on home visits. We often take food or small gifts for the children. During my most recent visit in April-May of 2022, Simon and I went to see a family we had visited before, and the oldest son shared that he was now a believer, and with a smile on his face, Federico told us that all five family members believed. To hear this wonderful news makes all the effort and expense of the trips worthwhile!
Scott B
Scott BPartner, Tat's Place
Read More
Excellent organization! If you are thinking of short-term/long-term missions, this is the organization!
Melanie M
Melanie MVolunteer/Trip Coordinator
Read More
Over time, I found my path with ImpactHope, serving as their Impact Trip Coordinator. It’s been an incredible opportunity to pour into the passion I believe God has placed in my heart, and our dedicated partners, donors, and volunteers constantly inspire me. I am grateful for my experiences at Tat’s Place, which have continued to shape my advocacy for vulnerable people both overseas and locally.
Gary V
Gary VVolunteer
Read More
This is a great organization with a number of projects in many parts of the world focused on improving the lives of people who live in challenging circumstances. I have been involved with them for a decade with a project in Guatemala. It has been a wonderful and enriching experience.
Julia C
Julia CVolunteer | Peru
Read More
MVC* is passionate about the varied missions it supports worldwide. Although every mission has a Christian element, the main goal is building friendships and offering love and hope. Having been on a short-term mission trip, I developed a deeper spiritual connection, met many new wonderful friends, and participated in testimonials, construction and education. The opportunity to spend time with a pastor and his family and experience the culture of another country and its people was truly moving for me. MVC* helps teams prepare for their mission and offers debriefing after the mission. MVC* builds long-term relationships with local people who strive to keep teams healthy and safe. I plan to serve on future missions with MVC*! (*ImpactHope since 2021)
AnonVolunteer | Nebaj Team
Read More
I loved this trip. After a long time of things not being "normal", it was a blessing to see that families were able to thrive and that the communities have grown over the past 4 years! The culture of the Guatemala is so joyful and bright, centered around family, love and helping others that have less. Also, I loved the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
Wallace Eygenraam
Wallace EygenraamVolunteer | Nebaj Team, April 2023
Read More
It is almost impossible to explain the impact these trips have had on me. It has solidified my commitment to Christian service because of the realization of what Jesus has done for me, and the thankfulness I feel for all the blessings I have received in my life spurs me on to help those less fortunate. I recommend these trips to anyone who is able."
Snelgrove Family
Snelgrove FamilyVolunteers
Read More
From the moment we arrived at Tat’s Place, it was obvious this was a home filled with love, laughter, and hope. Tracy and Scott have created an environment where the children feel safe, valued, and included. We could not have imagined the impact they are having without experiencing a day in the life at Tat’s place firsthand. They truly are an example of love in action and their ministry is making a difference in this world. We are grateful to have spent time at Tat’s place and would encourage everyone to support this ministry and visit as well.
Mike Degazio
Mike DegazioVolunteer, Musician
Read More
When I was asked to go on my first trip to Nebaj, Guatemala 6 years ago, I was hesitant because I didn't think I was a 'good enough' Christian. But I soon realized that God could use me just as I am and there was (and still is) such a great need for help in Nebaj. Once I was in Guatemala I was amazed at how God could use our team. We accomplished so much and were able to spread the gospel to so many, by His grace. We met fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, encouraged one another, helped one another and grew stronger in our faith. We saw God at work all around us. We saw God work through us. In the future I hope God will provide new opportunities for me to spread the gospel in other countries so that one day everyone will know how great is our God - and the saving love of His Son Jesus. The prayer of my heart continues to be, "Here I am, Father please send me.".

We are proud members of

Canadian Centre for Christian Charities

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Impact Trips at a Glance