Changing lives with safe water project in Malawi: A group of people sitting together at a community event to provide clean water to the community.

Changing Lives, One Drop At A Time: Safe Water Project in Malawi


Serving The Vulnerable in Malawi

In the picturesque villages of Dedza, Blantyre, and Chikwawa in Malawi, Pastor Moses and his team are leading a transformative journey, ensuring safe water and hope for communities in need. Pastor Moses and his wife, Grace in Malawi, are working to bring hope to poor widows, aged women, and Women with HIV/AIDS through the message of Christ, mindset change and advocacy for freedom.

At the forefront of this mission is the ‘safe water’ purification program, a partnership with the Malawian government aimed at providing purified water to communities in need. Approved for a two-year duration, this initiative aims to provide purified water to communities.

WASH Project Highlights

In November last year, vital training focused on Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) was held, and the team had the privilege of having a facilitator from Dedza Hospital leading the session.

  • Households Engaged: The WASH Project began with 115 poor households utilizing Water Purification Tablets (Aquatabs) and ended with 230 households, doubling its impact over the year.
  • Supporting Vulnerable Children: Initially, 115 Highly Vulnerable Children (HVC) received support through childcare, protection, and health initiatives, ensuring their well-being.
  • Agricultural Empowerment: Five groups of households were engaged in agricultural activities, learning composting and fertilization techniques to enhance food security.
  • Medical Assistance: The project provided vital medical support to 46 under-five children, including transportation and the purchase of prescribed drugs, ensuring their access to healthcare.

Photos: Before Christmas last year, the team distributed water purification tablets to 115 impoverished households, ensuring access to safe drinking water. Additionally, they provided small food packages to support families in need.

Safe Water and HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign

A recent campaign held at Katsekaminga Community in Dedza District showcased the program’s multifaceted approach. The event aimed to sensitize the community on the importance of safe water usage, enroll new households in the Safe Water Program, distribute Aquatabs, and raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and healthy living.

  • Community Engagement: A recent campaign held at Katsekaminga Community in Dedza District attracted over 328 attendees, including local chiefs and community members.
  • Positive Impact: Twenty-one individuals surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ, while 176 underwent HIV testing. Furthermore, 87 new households enrolled in the Safe Water Program, and 203 households received Aquatabs for water purification.

Impact Story: From Uncertainty To Resilience

Meet Cathrene Kanyimbo, a grateful beneficiary from the Katsekaminga community in the Dedza district. With six children, she and her family used to depend on unsafe water from a well. Thanks to your support, they now have access to treated water. For over seven months, they have experienced fewer illnesses at home, and there have been no more cases of diarrhea caused by contaminated water!

Notable Achievements

Throughout 2023, the Safe Water Initiative has made remarkable strides:

  • 230 homes out of a community of over 800 homes have access to safe drinking water and are engaged in Cholera prevention.
  • 115 under-five highly Vulnerable Children out of over 2000 HVC in Dedza district are cared for and protected through a home-based care system.
  • As of today, a total of 277 households have received water purification tablets, which means on an average, 5 people in each household now have access to purified water!

Support Vulnerable Children and Women: Take Action TODAY

Despite progress, challenges persist, especially during the rainy season when water-borne diseases like cholera are prevalent. As Pastor Moses and his team continue their tireless efforts, they appeal for continued support. Water purification tablets are urgently needed to be procured to combat cholera, while broader donor support is sought for local initiatives spanning agriculture, education, healthcare, and more.

Access to clean water isn’t just a luxury—it’s a lifeline for vulnerable communities in Malawi. The statistics speak volumes: without clean water, lives are at stake. Your donation isn’t just about giving—it’s about saving lives and offering hope to those who need it most. You can make a difference by giving a one-time gift or supporting us monthly here. Join us in this urgent mission to provide clean water to every household in need in Malawi.

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