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A Story of Hope and Resilience in Cuba


Since 2003, ImpactHope has been working with our partners in Cuba to support children, families, and seniors through practical and tangible means. Our ministry operates in two key areas of the country, focusing on various activities that significantly impact people’s lives. Our dedicated partners, Carlos and Rosa, along with Jorge and Sandra, are on the front lines, tirelessly serving their communities.

Bringing Hope To The Community in Camaguey

In the heart of Camaguey, Cuba, the economic situation is dire, with many families struggling to meet their basic needs. Amidst these challenges, ImpactHope’s partners, Carlos and Rosa, have been making a profound difference through their dedicated ministry. They provide essential food supplies to families, the elderly, and those unable to work through a comprehensive food distribution program. Additionally, they offer educational and spiritual support to children via weekly programs and special events. The teams also assist pastors and their families, who often struggle with limited income, ensuring they can continue their vital work in the community. Volunteers deliver care and comfort through regular home visits to those in dire situations, offering prayers, support, and necessary supplies. Furthermore, they extend assistance to individuals who are sick or disabled by providing medical support and resources.

Yesdeiker’s Story

Meet Yesdeiker, a 42-year-old man confined to a wheelchair, living with his 70-year-old father. Their story is one of resilience in the face of overwhelming adversity. Years ago, Yesdeiker’s sister tragically passed away from blood leukemia at the young age of 18. Shortly after, his mother also passed away, leaving his father to shoulder the full responsibility of caring for Yesdeiker.

Yesdeiker’s father had to give up his job to provide the constant care his son required. The state offers them a small monthly check, which is far from enough to meet their needs. Despite these challenges, they remain hopeful and deeply grateful for the support they receive through ImpactHope.

Through generous donations to our ministry, Yesdeiker and his father receive essential food supplies each month. These include staples such as rice, chicken, beans, oil, and vegetables. This assistance is vital for their survival and offers them a glimmer of hope amid their daily struggles. The impact of this support is immeasurable, providing physical sustenance and emotional and spiritual encouragement.

Yesdeiker’s father, who is battling his own health issues, including a possible cancer diagnosis, faces increasing challenges. Yet, the support from the ministry and kind-hearted individuals helps them manage their difficult circumstances. They remain profoundly thankful to God and the ministry for the help they receive.

How You Can Help

The story of Yesdeiker and his father is a poignant reminder of the difference we can make together. Your support is crucial in ensuring that families like theirs continue to receive the help they desperately need.

How Your Donation Can Make a Difference:

  1. $50: Provides essential food supplies for a month.
  2. $75: Supports ongoing care and assistance for disabled individuals and their caregivers.
  3. $150: Food for families in need for a month.

Your support can make a tremendous difference. Imagine the relief on the faces of families receiving food supplies, the joy of children participating in educational programs, and the peace of mind for pastors knowing their needs are met. Picture the comfort brought to those in dire situations through home visits and the essential healthcare provided to the sick and disabled.

We invite you to read more about our ongoing efforts and the lives we touch here. Your generosity is more than a donation; it is a lifeline that brings hope and sustenance to those in dire need.

Can I really make a difference?

Yes, you can! Thanks to your support, a child will not have to go hungry, a pastor will not have to sacrifice his food for his family…and other such ripples of impact will be created!

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