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Hogar Genesis Is Opening Soon!


The Meaning of HOPE to a Child Born Into the Cycle of Poverty

Due to its isolation and remoteness, Iquitos is an area overcome with prostitution, drug addiction. Iquitos is a major center for drug and child trafficking and prostitution in South America. Together with our workers, Rodolfo and Saraid, ImpactHope has been working towards building a Children’s Home called Hogar Genesis for abandoned, neglected, or rescued children in Iquitos. Over the years, Rodolfo and Saraid have forged strong relationships with the most vulnerable in the city, as they bring the light of the gospel to many dark places through street ministry, drug hole ministry, and children’s programs.

The Vision of Hogar Genesis

The vision is to build a home that will love and care for children who have been abandoned, neglected, or rescued. This home will help both children and families by providing them with strong Christian counseling, Christian principles, and values with hopes of restoring the family unit.

The Latest Update

Let’s just say, without the assistance of several teams that have worked alongside our workers in Iquitos to build Hogar Genesis and our magnanimous donors, this home would not be what it is today!

Our original plan was to have this home open by the end of 2020 but due to the delays caused by COVID-19, renovations were deferred. Now, it is our hope to open the Home by the end of 2021 and start caring for children as we enter into a new year.

A recent photo of Gustovito at the Orphanage he is currently residing in.

Children Like Gustovito Are Waiting for this Home to Open

Gustovito is a precious little 6-year-old boy who adores his little 4-year-old brother Jimmy. Gustovito’s story unfortunately is not a happy one. His mother is a drug addict who is still consuming and selling drugs. The boys could not live with her so they used to live with their grandmother. Now their grandmother is too old to provide for them and the boys have been living in an orphanage in Iquitos. Children like Gustovito and Jimmy will be taken in by Hogar Genesis as the orphanage reaches its full capacity. Since their mother is still alive, they can work with her as well as the children, to try to restore the family unit.

Belen Kids & Other Ministries

In the meantime, Rodolfo and his team continue to teach and provide activities for children in an area called Belen on a weekly basis. Lately, they have been providing the opportunity for some children to learn karate! 

They have also been actively involved in outreach work alongside the local church in Iquitos and continue to visit with the local prison, bring praise to the drug holes, and help families that are in crisis.

Will you help us give HOPE to the children of Iquitos?

Rodolfo and Saraid remain encouraged in their vision as they continue to move forward with this ministry. While the application for the operating license for Hogar Genesis is being processed, the URGENT NEED is to raise funds for the operational expenses of the home (i.e.: healthcare, counselling, education, nutritious meals, staffing, etc.).

To date, we have raised over $26,000 which provides a solid foundation to open up the home but, we are in need of continued monthly support to ensure that every child is cared for properly. We are asking you to consider helping us meet Hogar Genesis’ monthly need of $10,000 to give these children a loving home.

If you are able, we pray that you would consider making a special donation, becoming a monthly donor, or increasing your monthly donation. Your contribution, however big or small could mean new possibilities for children like Gustovito and Jimmy who deserve a safe home and bright future!

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