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July 2021 Updates (From East Africa)


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An Update On The Last 3 Months at Shelter of Hope

“It has been just over a year since the outbreak of the Coronavirus was declared a pandemic. During that time, the spread of COVID-19 has led to a global crisis causing devastation and disruption to people’s lives all around the world.

In Kenya, the Government and medical personnel have now sounded alarm bells, warning Kenyans of a tough time ahead. “We are in the fourth wave of this virus, and it’s a wave that threatens to erase all the gains we have made as a country in fighting the pandemic over the last one year,” Kenya’s health ministry tweeted, amid reports that all the country’s intensive-care unit beds had been filled by Covid-19 patients and doctors had fallen ill with the virus themselves.

In the last 3 Months, SOH has been able to still do many things, thanks to YOU:

    • Providing food to the most vulnerable students at SOH.
    • Resumption of the learning activities in both schools (Nairobi & Kagan).
    • Graduation Ceremonies were able to take place in both schools.
    • We were able to hold our ‘Youth and Teens Back to School’ event.
    • An opportunity for a free medical camp in Nyanza for students.
    • Proper sanitation for the pupils in both schools so that they can continue their education safely.

Prayer Points

  • Please pray for the safety and well-being of all our staff and children at both schools as classes resume.
  • We pray for God’s provision. The future is quite uncertain due to COVID-19 complications, seriously affecting our local income interventions and efforts.

Fundraising Needs

  • Teachers’ salaries in both schools.
  • The completion of the building and for the current operating clinic in the Kagan school
  • Funds for the building of the Kisumu school
  • ICT program to support e-learning
    (to purchase tablets and laptops for students)

Supporting Pastors In Zambia
 (The Grace Project-Africa Update)

Gratitude flows from Zambia as the main classes of The Grace Project are continuing as they are able to take place online! In fact, some classes are safely able to meet in groups of 2 to 4 people to enhance their learning. This month, Basil, the TGP-A’s Director, had the opportunity to speak at a local church in Lusaka as they are interested in a future partnership with the school. Basil’s presentation and testimony filled the room with God’s glory!

Prayer Points:

  • For students to learn well despite being online and not meeting as a class as a whole.
  • Protection for all of the faculty and students as we continue to work in a country that is in the process of undergoing elections.
  • Pray for Zambia to be peaceful during elections.

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