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Education in Huehuetenango, Guatemala


Education In Huehuetenango, Guatemala: Desk Fundraiser

Fuente De Amor Project (Source of Love Project) & Bethel School

After many years of praying for a project in which low-income children in the Chiantla community could be helped, we were able to begin building a school in 2010. Escuela Fuente De Amor began with 200 children and children would receive classes but also learn a trade, such as carpentry, electrical work, baking, crafting, and sewing. Children were also provided with lunch and medical assistance when needed.

With the financial help of donors and supporters, as well as the physical help of those who were able to go to Huehuetenango and help start the building of the school, the construction of Escuela Duente De Amor was a true testimony of community and love!

Currently, Escuela Fuente De Amor has over 400 students and 50 more children have enrolled for the upcoming school year. Most of these children that are able to attend the school come from low-income families and therefore it is a blessing for the community of Chiantla, especially for the village of Buenos Aires! 

Desk Fundraiser – 400 Desks Are Needed This Year!

Escuela Fuente De Amor & Bethel School is in need of help to purchase 400 desks! Initially, 500 desks were needed but the schools were able to fund 100 desks on their own! Our worker, Gilberto, wants you, our donors and supporters, to know that with this ask, there is so much respect and gratitude that comes with it as these schools were built with funds from ImpactHope! Additionally, there were 5 Teams from ImpactHope that came to start the construction of Escuela Fuente De Amor! “We are very grateful for the amount of work that ImpactHope has done in Huehuetenango.” – Gilberto

In order to equip these schools with 400 desks, our goal is to raise $12,500! If you would like to give a child in Guatemala the opportunity to learn, you can purchase a desk for one student for $32 CAD! You will be giving the gift of education, hope, and a brighter future!

Old desks that can no longer be used:

Teams that served in Huehuetenango and helped build these schools:

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