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ImpactHope is Charity of the Year 2022!


The Brilliant Minded Women Foundation has awarded ImpactHope as the Charity of the Year 2022 for our work in Kenya and our passion for helping and empowering communities to break the cycle of poverty. To be named Charity of the Year is a testament to that hard work and the successes achieved by our staff, volunteers, supporters, and partners worldwide. 

The Partnership

As of 2022, the Brilliant Minded Women Foundation has focused on ImpactHope’s high school female scholarship and mentorship program through its KEDHAP program. This program has already had a major impact on the lives of girls for which, one of whom was an awardee at this year’s Gala for Student of the Year! Evelyn is a bright student with big dreams of working in Public Relations.

Together, we hope to fundraise $50,000 for the KEDHAP scholarship program and sanitary pads distribution efforts to help keep girls in school. As the partnership grows, the BMWF intends to expand the focus of the impact on ImpactHope’s other programs addressing issues of gender empowerment, education, healthcare, vulnerable children and people, food security, leadership, and access to clean water. 

Hannah, Lila and Brad with the awards
ImpactHope's Representatives: Director of Development, Hannah Campbell; Founder of Casa Compasiva, Lila Quezada; Director of ImpactHope, Brad Wilson
Lila receiving the award from Founder Agata
Lila Quezada receives the Honorable Lifetime achievement award from Agata Klimczak, Founder of BMWF
The ImpactHope Team with their families.
The ImpactHope team with their families!

Awardees from ImpactHope

Out of 40 women awarded in 12 categories, ImpactHope received the Charity of the Year Award, and four incredible female leaders received the following:

Lila Quezada received the Honorable Lifetime achievement award for her ministry and service to the Oaxaca Women of Mexico through the founding of a birthing center providing compassionate midwifery care.

Carolina Noriega received the Global Excellence Award for her work as a biochemist. She opened the first laboratory in Nebaj, Guatemala, oversees the hospital project construction worth 3.1 million USD, runs their staff children’s school, and oversees the nursing school.

Evelyne received the Student of the Year Award as an alumnus from our KEDHAP female high school mentorship program in Kenya. She is about to finish her Public Relations bachelor’s degree from Africa Nazarene University, one of the best private Christian universities in Africa.

Francisca Ogaye received the Global Excellence Award for her work within our KEDHAP project, mentoring and overseeing their women empowerment and income-generating programs.

Lila Quezada
Carolina Noriega
Evelyne Ochieng
Francisca Ogaye

About Brilliant Minded Women Foundation:

Since 2014, the Brilliant Minded Women Organization has been recognizing and acknowledging women of substance to inspire generations to come. As a charitable extension, the Brilliant Minded Women Foundation was created in 2016 to advanced post-secondary education by providing scholarships and bursaries to female students throughout Canada. The Brilliant Minded Women Organization intends to celebrate outstanding Women who have made significant contributions to society at their 7th Annual Awards Gala, a prestigious event held on the 12th of November, 2022.


KEDHAP Foundation has been at the forefront of empowering girls and building their capacity to be able to utilize their potential through its programs.

  • Provision of disposable sanitary towels and underwear to menstruating girls in Primary and Secondary schools enabling them to stay in school during their menses.
  • Provision of girls’ health education sessions to improve self-esteem and facilitate better performance in their academics, allowing them to fairly compete with boys.
  • Facilitating female empowerment programs to impart skills to girls in both secondary and primary schools, and training groups of women affiliated to KEDHAP.

To learn more about KEDHAP’s work, click here

Become Part of the Change

 KEDHAP still relies on the generosity of donors like you to ensure that none of the girls miss out on essential provisions like sanitary towels and underwear. With YOUR contribution, girls and women will be empowered to live healthy, productive lives and to push for further progress within their communities.

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