December 2020 Updates


December 2020 Updates

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“Dear Friends,

2020 has been a year of challenges for many of us. MVC has also faced many challenges in 2020 and we have seen God answer and work in many astonishing ways. Your generous support throughout this year has impacted the lives of many people who are often in more difficult circumstances than what many of us find ourselves dealing with in Canada.

Imagine living in a country where there is little if any government financial support. Imagine standing in line all day to get some oil, beans, and a chicken, only to find out when you reach the front of the line, that there is no longer any food available. Imagine, going to a store and seeing prices increase 600%! This is what many of our brothers and sisters have endured around the world during this crisis.

When we put out an appeal in April of this year, your hearts responded and over $70,000 was raised for the poor and needy during the early stages of COVID-19. In Guatemala alone, over 500 families were given food that would last a month during the worst time of the crisis. Your gifts fed hundreds of people around the world.

There are now 2 weeks remaining in 2020 and we are asking for your generous support for the causes that we are involved with around the world.

You can let our brothers and sisters know that they are not forgotten in their struggle and you can stand with them, not only as 2020 closes, but as a new year begins. Gifts of Life is a campaign that provides the opportunity for donors like you to give a gift and know that it will make an impact in someone else’s life.

Our goal for this month is $120,000. We are over halfway to reaching our target for the funding of our projects in the month of December. When we recorded the video above, we were seeking to raise another $55,000 and since then, we are grateful to say that we only need $20,000 more to make our year end goal! Would you consider closing out the 2020 year with a special gift to MVC? Your gift will bring hope where it is needed – in causes that impact children, families, and communities.”

Thank You | Muchas Gracias!
We wish you and your loved ones all the best this Christmas 
– MVC Staff.

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Peacemaking Initiatives To Resolve Tribal Conflict

Peacemaking initiatives in Kenya are important as they provide a platform for dialogue, reconciliation and healing for people affected by conflict and violence. We are so grateful to Nigerian Ph.D. Dr. Dorcas Ettang, a Senior Lecturer in Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies Programme at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, for willing to provide solutions to some of the challenges KEDHAP is facing in their tribal peacemaking initiatives.

The event was held online on April 29, 2023. The audio recording is available in this blog post.

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Be a Virtual Mother to a Vulnerable Child!

As we approach Mother’s Day, let us take a moment to reflect on the incredible role that mothers play in our lives. They are our caregivers, our teachers, and our biggest supporters. Unfortunately, not all children are blessed to have mothers or mother figures in their lives.

This Mother’s Day, would you like to change a child’s life by filling it with hope? Love starts with YOU!

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International Volunteer Week: Melanie’s Story

This week is a time to recognize and celebrate the contributions of volunteers worldwide. Through their dedication and hard work, volunteers are making a positive impact in their local community and beyond. During this week, we are highlighting Melanie Magel’s story. Melanie started her journey with Tat’s Place, our children’s home in Puerto Maldonado, in 2019.

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