January 2020 Updates

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  • Grand Opening of Tat’s Place: January 30, 2020!
    – Puerto Maldonado, Peru –

The grand opening of Tat’s Place (also known as Alegre Sonido de Dios) in Puerto Maldonado, Peru will be on January 30, 2020! The amount of hard work, dedication and passion that is involved in this project is like no other.  “We want to bring His children home; to Christ, to eternity, to God’s family, and into a home where they can feel love”, says Scott Blackburn.

Like many places in the world, there are many children in Puerto Maldonado who are suffering from many types of abuse and discrimination as they come from varying backgrounds that include sexual abuse, violent abuse, abandonment, and orphans. The Blackburn’s are dedicated to serving these children who have experienced so much pain from their past.

This Home will be a place where all children will be cared for and provided with education, spiritual guidance, health care and counseling. This family style home will allow for children to heal from their past so that they can interact and maintain close relationships with their new foster family. The Blackburn’s believe that this family-based model gives the children a smooth transition into society or when returning to their families.

A huge Thank You to all those who have contributed and continue to support the Blackburn’s journey and the building of Tat’s Place. Please continue to pray for them as a family as they care for and nurture the children who will be living at the home.

The Blackburn’s look forward to new relationships as they serve children in Peru. We welcome new supporters, volunteers, donations and new partner churches!

*To Support Tat’s Place, Please Click HERE*


  • Ready To Pour The 2nd Floor!
    – Nebaj, Guatelmala –

There is very exciting news from Guatemala! We are preparing for the pouring of the second floor of the Hospital in Nebaj! Over the past year, all the walls of the first floor were constructed. Several teams have worked alongside the Guatemalan workers, assisting and encouraging them as they continue with the construction of the 4,000 sq. meter Hospital.

There will be 3 teams going to assist in continuing the construction of the Hopistal and to impact the community within the next two months. Please pray for the team leaving shortly on January 17th and the next 2 teams going to Nebaj in February.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers for this ministry in Guatemala!


  • Water for Kenya & South Sudan
    – Nairobi, Kenya  &  Juba, South Sudan –

Kenya: Creating opportunities to increase the level of sustainability is critical element in the ministry of MVC. We are working together with Vision Ministries Kenya which is a network of 50 growing churches but most of the families in these churches are in extreme poverty. We have targeted two areas that will improve not only the sustainability of VMK but also increasing the economics of communities.

The borehole will be drilled at a Olkesumet Prayer Response Center. Individuals go simply to pray – it is not uncommon to attend all night prayer meetings on the hill. Plans are in place for a mid-scale agriculture projects that will allow the Kenyans to increase the level of sustainability for Vision Ministries Kenya and their network of churches. What is needed is simply a well to provide an opportunity for greater levels of growth.

$25,000 to $30,000 CDN is the present estimate for the well. Approximately $18,000 is still needed to be raised to drill a borehole.
*Your donation can provide safe and reliable drinking water for communities in Kenya! You can donate by clicking HERE*


South Sudan: Christian Light School in Juba South Sudan currently has an enrollment of 1,000 students registered in nursery school and P1-P7. The school was established in 2013 and received its registration in 2016. Presently, the school does not have a water source and students cross a busy street for drinking water from a stream. This has become increasingly more dangerous and recently 2 students were killed crossing the street.

Previously MVC had plans to drill a borehole in the village of Kulipapa. Due to the the violence which escalated in 2017, MVC has refocused its efforts to Juba as the level of security has increased in the capital. Fortunately, this school has been able to raise $1900 for the borehole and $3041 was fund-raised at a previous MVC fundraiser!

Approximately $18,000 is still needed to be raised to drill a borehole in the village of Kulipapa!
*To Make A Contribution to the Well, Please Click HERE* 


Christian Light School – Juba, South Sudan


  • We’re Halfway There!
    – Palma Soriano, Cuba –

 We are at half of the funding needed for the Preschool renovations and equipment. Things that need to be purchased include desks, chairs, a microwave and fridge. This Preschool will be for children ages 1 – 5 years old, providing care as well as spiritual and intellectual opportunities. Together with our national staff, we have developed this plan. This project is 100% conceived by nationals and led by nationals!

Pray for the safe travels of the team going to Palma Soriano on January 14th for a week. They will be assisting with the construction of this nursery school as well as participating in a Women’s conference!

“We desire to develop relationships with individuals that work with these children. We desire to be the hands and feet of Christ as a nursery school that supports families and honours Christ is established and sustains itself. We desire to honour our commitment to care for the most vulnerable in the world”. – Cayuga Church Team

Approximately $5000 is still needed to renovate and equip the Preschool.
*To Make A Contribution Towards the Preschool, Please Click HERE*

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