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From Niger

March 2024

Ron has returned to his home in Ontario just in time to embrace winter, though the heat in Maradi, Niger, is sweltering at the moment, making it a challenging time to be there.

Despite encountering some setbacks during his recent tour, Ron is pleased to report that it ended on a positive note. However, one significant hurdle they faced is the lack of funds and the ongoing struggles of the country’s economy, which has left everyone concerned. The current government, in office since last July, seems to lack concrete economic plans, resulting in continued economic decline. Let’s pray for positive political developments to steer the country towards a brighter future.

On a brighter note, they’ve successfully distributed 900 bags of organic fertilizer to around 300 farms that pre-purchased it, and Ron anticipates it will be put to good use in the upcoming season. Initial tests by two farmers on irrigated land have shown fantastic results.

Unfortunately, they haven’t secured financing for the container of humic acid yet, so its arrival may be delayed until next year. However, Ron remains confident that once available, it will significantly boost production by up to 50%.

Given the economic constraints, progress on other fronts has been slow. Many individuals are grappling with daily challenges, such as being unable to recharge their phones or adequately feed their families. Ron has been advocating for the creation of compost, which offers free fertilizer, but uptake remains uncertain. Additionally, he’s stressed the importance of investing in quality seeds, even though affordability remains a concern. Nevertheless, every effort counts, especially as they pray for timely rains to help alleviate the financial strain.

Personally, Ron will be tending to his own field soon and intends to return to Maradi on November 1, 2024, after spending the summer here.

Thank you for your unwavering prayers and support. Ron will continue to share updates throughout the summer as he receives photos of the new crop. Your contributions truly make a difference in the lives of those who are struggling.

Below, you’ll find photos documenting the progress of a cornfield and cabbage after the application of the new fertilizer. We hope you find them inspiring!

Impact Report 2023

In the arid expanse of Maradi, Niger, where the challenges of cultivating the land are as vast as the horizon, Ron leads a transformative initiative supported by ImpactHope. This project showcases the resilience of the local farmers and the strides made towards sustainable agriculture.

  • A Glimpse of the Challenge: The arid land presents several challenges for the 30,000 farmers during the planting season (June 15 – Sept. 15). The use of altered petrochemical fertilizers has left its mark, burning the soil and limiting yields to an average of 500kg per hectare.
  • Unleashing Potential with ‘Foundations For Farming’: Implementing the ‘Foundations For Farming’ method, formerly known as ‘Farming God’s Way,’ and incorporating humic acid powder from China has yielded promising results. This innovative approach not only improves production by up to 50% but also enables a doubling of planting density, with the anticipation of increasing production from 500kg to 2000kg per hectare in the upcoming season.
  • Tapping Into Abundant Groundwater: Niger is blessed with abundant groundwater within 30 meters of the surface, offering the potential for irrigation and two crops per year. However, the cost of an irrigation well remains a significant barrier. Plans are being developed for solar-driven irrigation wells, offering a lifeline to farmers striving for food security.
  • Empowering the Co-op Agricole de Bassaraoua: Ron handed over a new laptop to the newly founded Co-op Agricole de Bassaraoua. This initiative aims to make the co-op the hub for distributing agricultural products, ensuring that the benefits of the agrarian revolution reach every farm in need.

Let us come together to support sustainable practices, empower local communities, and sow the seeds of food security in Maradi, Niger. Your contribution can make a tangible difference in transforming dreams into reality. Thank you for considering Ron’s call to action.