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From British Columbia, Canada

April 2023

Ellie and Lila have an update for you! In this video, Lila gives us an update about Casa Compasiva and shares a beautiful testimony of how the Gospel has reached vulnerable lives in Oaxaca, Mexico. Ellie continues his involvement with the migrant workers in the Delta area of BC. Ellie shares a miracle that happened in his migrant worker ministry that reminded him of how good our God is!

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January 2023

Lila continues to be involved with Casa Compasiva fund-raising, promotion in local churches, writing and editing materials on their behalf, consulting with Dan and Adria, and relationships with Oaxacan staff.

Ellie continues his involvement with the migrant workers in the Delta area of BC. This year it has mostly taken the form of picking up, fixing, and delivering bikes to workers who need them and sharing gospel materials, an audio Bible, and prayer with each worker. Although he attempted to join forces with another local ministry teaching English classes and Bible studies for migrants, that did not pan out as the other ministry did not want help.

Lila and Ellie travelled to Oaxaca in summer last year to spend some time at Casa Compasiva. During their five weeks in Oaxaca, they met with, prayed with, counselled, helped, and encouraged many, many people.

“As time and strength permits, we open our home in hospitality to others, share the gospel and pray for those who need it, mentor and counsel those who ask, and provide for the physical needs of others in practical ways as we are able.”

November 2022: Blog Post

“My approach to most challenges is to look them hard in the teeth, essentially asking, “Is that all you’ve got?” …” – Lila Quezada, awardee for the Honorable Lifetime Achievement Award that will be presented by the Brilliant Minded Women Organization at their 2022 annual gala on November 12th.

ImpactHope’s Director of Development, Hannah Campbell, was privileged to chat with Lila and learn more about this exceptional woman receiving the award! Read the interview here.

October 2022

We are greatly encouraged by this partnership and hope to see the hand of God in the lives of the most vulnerable in Victoria.