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From British Columbia, Canada

March 2020

In March, Lila shared that she was able to minister to a Hispanic Migrant population. This included ESL, cooking classes, and Bible studies but of course, the pandemic put a halt to these efforts.  Lila was able to help 20 women who arrived shortly before the pandemic by assisting them with paperwork to get them back home safely. Much confusion came out of all the canceled flights and not being able to leave where they were working but thankfully, with her help, many of them returned back to Guatemala safely. Seven ladies ended up staying and finishing their employment.

Additionally,  Ellie found other ways to minister and help the migrant workers who weren’t able to go back home by collecting food donations, asking for used bikes for transportation, and even hosted an online literacy class, teaching English! Waking up at 4:30 AM to do these 5:30 AM online classes shows just how deep the love of Christ is for His people!

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