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From Ontario, Canada

December 2022

Julio continues to support the workers with their banking and shopping. He arranges for transportation to the airport when they return to their countries to renew their contracts or go on holiday.

The ministry celebrated as it does yearly in Mount Brydges to commemorate Independence Day in Mexico and Guatemala. It was held at the end of August, with over 110 workers in attendance, primarily Mexican and Guatemalan workers. The workers were blessed with a beautiful fellowship through a worship service, a delicious meal, and a friendly soccer match.

Six workers dedicated their lives to Christ, and many others were inspired to rededicate their lives.

On December 17, 2022, Julio’s Bible study group hosted a lovely Christmas dinner for the Guatemalan workers in the church in Stratford. They had a service after dinner and sang Christmas carols. The ladies in the group graciously presented all the workers with small Christmas gifts and packed food to be taken home.

Julio says, “I had the privilege to take the gifts and food to those who were unable to attend the gathering because of their work schedules. Needless to say, all of them were so grateful to those who had spent time and finances to provide a meal and a gift for them at this time of year, a difficult time for those who are away from their families.”

January 18, 2022

On Christmas Eve, our worker Julio Farfan, organized a Christmas Potluck Dinner for some migrant workers here in Ontario. Since these hardworking men don’t have any family here, Julio was able to make Christmas a memorable occasion for them. Amongst COVID-19 restrictions, 14 men were able to gather at Julio’s house and have a wonderful dinner filled with fellowship with his family. Thanks to your donations, this event was possible!

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