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A Journey of Hope, Love, and Healing!


Tat’s Place and Tat’s Kids Peru

Puerto Maldonado is a city in southeastern Peru. With much of the mining and forestry, children are sadly often trafficked, neglected or abused. Scott and Tracy are from Ontario, where they attended Emmanuel Baptist church while running a masonry business for many years. They run a home for children of all ages who have suffered at the hands of their abusers. Scott’s family has served as Jesus’ helping hands and feet to numerous vulnerable children.

God did all of this!

In Scott’s Words..

Leaving behind a thriving 28-year masonry career in Canada was not an easy decision. Still, when the call to serve less fortunate children in the enchanting southern Amazon jungle of Peru became impossible to ignore, my family and I knew we had to follow our hearts. My name is Scott Blackburn, and we embarked on a life-changing adventure alongside my wife Tracy, our daughter Tatiana, and our sons Jaxon and Caleb.

Since we arrived in Peru in 2014, we have been entrusted with the care of over 80 children, each with their own heartbreaking stories of abuse, abandonment, and loss. These children have experienced pain that most cannot fathom, but our mission at Tat’s Place is to provide them with the love, care, and healing they deserve.

Tracy and Scott Blackburn have created a family-style home where the children experience the love and stability that may have been absent in their lives.
"Today, Tat's Place is a testament to our unwavering commitment as a family."

Working hand in hand with the local child protection office, Tat’s Place is a transitional and permanent home for children in the system. We are committed to ensuring that these children not only have a roof over their heads but also receive the essential support they need. Education, spiritual guidance, healthcare, and counselling are all integral parts of our comprehensive care.

Our vision for Tat’s Place extends beyond simply providing a safe space. We have created a family-style home where the children experience the love and stability that may have been absent in their lives. We firmly believe this model sets a positive example of a functioning family, facilitating the children’s reintegration into their biological families or alternative placements.

A Testament Intertwined With Memories

Witnessing these children’s growth, resilience, and newfound confidence is awe-inspiring. We feel incredibly blessed to be part of their journey towards healing and transformation. As a family deeply rooted in faith, we see our work at Tat’s Place as an opportunity to extend the love Jesus demonstrated on the Cross to everyone we encounter.

Tat’s Place itself is a testament to our dedication. Located just outside Puerto Maldonado, the largest city in the southern Amazon, our home sits on a 25-acre property, providing ample space for the children to explore and thrive. We have built a 6800-square-foot sustainable home, fully powered by off-grid solar energy and equipped with a private water supply.

Dedicated to Tatiana

The story of Tat’s Place is intertwined with the memory of our beloved daughter, Tatiana. From a young age, Tatiana had an unwavering passion for serving children in need. She dedicated her summers to Christian children’s camps and accompanied me on mission trips to Cuba. However, her transformative experience at an orphanage in Haiti in 2014 ignited an unstoppable determination within her.

Tatiana’s dream was to complete her education and return to Peru with her husband, Matthew, to become the Directors of our home. Tragically, her life was cut short in 2018 in a devastating car accident in Madison, Wisconsin, just eight days after her engagement. In her honour, we established the Tat’s Kids Peru fund, ensuring that her legacy of compassion and dedication lives on.

Changing Lives, One Child at a Time

Today, Tat’s Place is a testament to our unwavering commitment as a family. With the invaluable support of ImpactHope and the tireless efforts of our team, we continue to change lives, one child at a time. As I look back on this incredible journey, I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference and witness the resilience and hope within each child who finds solace at Tat’s Place.

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