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Let the Little Children Come!

Since 2003, ImpactHope has worked together with our partners to reach and impact people in two areas of Cuba. While construction opportunities to assist the nationals are plentiful, resources are always in short supply. We sponsor two national couples who are committed to reaching and serving their people, seeking to impact children, families, and seniors as they serve in practical and tangible ways.

In many places, not only is there a shortage of food, but there is also a major increase in food prices that has left many on the streets hungry. The pandemic has also greatly affected the availability of jobs, but we believe that God has a plan and purpose for Cuba. Many pastors subsist on very little income. Sadly, it is the children of the pastoral couple who suffer the most. While there are opportunities for supporting pastors, ImpactHope is beginning to investigate ways to create a better measure of sustainability through agriculture or small business ventures.


The pandemic put a pause on the Children’s ministry as the Churches had to remain closed. In the interim, a ‘Special Kids Program’ was organized to support around 10-15 kids. Food like juice, cookies, chicken, or anything that can be bought in the local market is provided in a food bag. This is aimed as a monthly program however, procuring the food can be challenging. 

The program targets poor kids from different churches in the city, all around Camaguey. The Kid’s Club organizes activities for kids that include prayer, worship, dance, story time, and meals. Bibles are handed out to the children who desire them, and the children return home with their hearts and bellies full!

The food support and kids’ program in Camaguey, worked to support 10 children from low-income families, by providing food and guidance every month. They are thankful and express their gratitude to all of you who generously donated! Watch their video message here!

Kids Club Reading_Camaguey
Kids firing up their imagination by reading books together at the Kids Club.
Kids Club Activities_Camaguey
Kids enjoying a festive performance at the Kids Club
Happy Children Eating_Camaguey
All smiles! Kids enjoying a wonderful communion and a hearty meal!


After a long hiatus of two years, the Kids Ministry has finally restarted, much to the delight of the children in local churches. Around 94 children attended a program that was held in January this year. The children worshipped, prayed together, and gathered to enjoy a hearty meal.

"I'm very grateful for ImpactHope's support and for the provision of financial assistance, especially during a very difficult time for my family."

Kids Club_Palma Soriano 1
Teaching the little ones about the goodness of God!
Kids Club_Palma Soriano 2
The more, the merrier! Kids enjoying a meal together.
WhatsApp Image 2022-01-31 at 7.37.41 PM
Circle time has never been more fun!


Thanks to our generous benefactors like YOU, ImpactHope has been able to work with our partners to reach and impact people in several places such as Palma Soriano, Holguin and Camaguey in Cuba. Thousands of children have been reached over the years and the impact is already visible in the next generation of leaders. With very few social programs, opportunities to serve and assist those with special needs and their caregivers are plentiful. Home visits are a critical part of this ministry, wherein one’s physical presence, prayers, and words can bring comfort to those in dire situations.

You can assist families with proper nutrition through the Food Program. Your SUPPORT and PERSONAL PARTICIPATION can encourage and bring hope to Pastors, Seniors and Children.

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