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Born to Run: Race for Vulnerable Mamas & Bebes!

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At ImpactHope, we believe that we are more than an Organization; we are a MOVEMENT of people who are committed to strengthening communities and bringing hope to the most vulnerable and oppressed.

We support covid-safe, family-friendly fundraising events that will support the projects of ImpactHope while encouraging people to actively participate in making an impact right where they are!

When you walk, run, or bike in solidarity, you call attention to those whose lives have been affected by poverty, exploitation, oppression, and injustice.

Bring Hope to a Vulnerable Mama and Bebe

Casa Compasiva is a Christian Birthing and Midwifery Training center that was born to provide a caring alternative to the unacceptable birthing options for indigenous women in Oaxaca, Mexico. It supports child-bearing women with quality care and the dignity that God bestows on women.

Having a baby should be a time of great joy and hope. But thousands of people in Oaxaca remain isolated from medical care, and even those with access to government-staffed clinics often receive inadequate care. Women are still funnelled through the relentless C-section mill. Stripping women of dignity and respect during childbirth violates human rights and affects the health of women and babies. At one of the most vulnerable times in these women’s lives, they are ignored and denied basic comforts that allow for a dignified birth experience.

A safe and caring environment is provided for young mothers, and their new babies at Casa Compasiva is growing, thus impacting a culture where c-sections are the norm for the birthing experience. Through the passion and dedication of the trained and qualified staff at the center, this ministry is impacting the local culture and bringing the gospel of hope to many women and their families!

The Event: Born to Run – Support Respectful Birthing 

Speargrass Homes is excited to welcome you to join them on Sunday, Oct 30, 2022, for their first fundraising race in support of Casa Compasiva!

This race is going to be a party! It’s even more fun when you bring a friend! Our goal is that your cheeks hurt from smiling just as much as your legs hurt from running! Find some friends to join you, collect donations or submit your own minimum donation. Have fun, get silly, maybe wear costumes, and get ready for a memorable race! There are lots of goodies and prizes to look forward to.

The race will take place in Caronport, starting and finishing at the Briercrest football field/track and will work its way around the boundaries of the Village of Caronport following the Community Trail. 

You can choose the individual 5km, 10km or register as a team (max 5 participants) for the group 5km, 10km relay races!

For more details and to start your registration for the event, click here.

If you are looking to volunteer or have any questions, please contact us at with the subject “Born To Run.”

Photo Gallery

We’re sharing some snapshots from events held last year in the hopes that you will be inspired to join us this year! Together, we are strengthening communities and bringing HOPE & LOVE to those who need it most!

Support the Cause, Wherever You Are

Every little bit counts; every voice matters! Please contact us if you are interested in leading an ImpactNOW event in your local community! You can walk, run, or bike to support these causes.

Or simply spread the word! You can be the voice of the weak and the vulnerable.

We also ask you to consider becoming a monthly donor! A monthly gift of $20, $50, or even $100 will assist in providing the care that vulnerable mamas and bebés need! When you give, you will assist with not only the costs associated with caring for vulnerable parents but also bring hope to every newborn baby in Oaxaca. You will become a part of a critical mission – rescuing vulnerable mothers from abuse, racism, and disrespectful healthcare.

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