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Short-term Trips, Lasting Change


Stepping Stones To Lasting Impact

At ImpactHope, we view short-term mission trips as more than just brief visits—they are stepping stones toward meaningful, long-term engagement in poverty alleviation, advocacy, and community building. Our goal is to create experiences that serve as catalysts for lasting change, impacting not only those we aim to support but also transforming the lives of volunteers like Melanie, our trips coordinator.

Melanie’s Journey at Tat’s Place

Melanie, a member of our team, embarked on a short-term mission trip to Tat’s Place in Puerto Maldonado. Her firsthand observations provide a glimpse into the transformative power of these experiences. At Tat’s Place, she witnessed a remarkable transformation in the lives of children who had previously been victims of abuse, exploitation, or neglect.

“Tat’s Place is a home where the love of Christ is not an abstract concept, but a living reality. It operates as a close-knit family, with everyone playing a crucial role, offering unconditional love, and celebrating each other. Here, children who’ve had to sacrifice their childhood find a safe space to heal and rekindle their childlike curiosity. They learn how to navigate the complexities of relationships, set boundaries, and are given a space to find their identity in Christ without judgment. The Blackburns and other caretakers step into the role of loving parents, providing not just physical care but also emotional support to all children who step through their doors. Tat’s Place is a testament to the power of love, the strength of community, and the grace of redemption, where miracles happen daily in a journey of healing and hope.”

"Nothing beats the laughter and love shared with these amazing kids. Forever in my heart!"
Mornings at Tat's Place: Starting the day with colors and smiles! 🎨

It wasn’t just a journey; it was a soul-stirring experience that redefined her perspective on life. Immersed in the world of these resilient children, Melanie discovered a newfound sense of purpose and empathy. Their infectious laughter, their resilience in the face of adversity, and their unwavering spirits touched her heart in ways she never imagined. The trip instilled in her a deeper appreciation for compassion, resilience, and the power of human connection.

A Haven of Love and Healing

Tat’s Place, under the loving guidance of Scott and Tracy Blackburn, has been a sanctuary for children in Peru for a decade. This past year has been an incredible journey of growth and faithfulness. Serving an average of 17 children per month, including welcoming 14 newcomers, including precious newborns, the home has been a testament to hope and transformed lives.

Amidst the stories of changed lives, there have been bittersweet moments – reunifications with families, transfers for specialized care, and late-night rescues from challenging situations, including babies in dire need of love and care.

“There were several late-night baby rescues from the police stations, and we had many babies to snuggle and love. Another preemie from a mom struggling with addiction. Single moms and teenage pregnancies wrapped out our year as we saw some slight demographic changes at Tat’s Place.” – Scott

Despite increased expenses due to global inflation, their conservative budget of $225 per month per child remains a testament to responsible stewardship. However, sustaining this has been a challenge, with ongoing shortfalls that necessitate additional donations to meet their financial needs.

Collecting moments, not things!
Welcoming love into our arms and hearts - one rescued baby at a time. 🤱

The Power of Love and Community

Short-term missions are crucial for both volunteers and homes like Tat’s Place. Volunteers gain empathy and learn about different cultures, becoming lifelong advocates for vulnerable communities. Their help provides vital support, bringing fresh skills and resources to the home. For children’s homes like Tat’s Place, these missions offer immediate aid, bring joy, and let the children connect with people from around the world, expanding their worldview.

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Healing Is Not Just An Aspiration; It’s A Tangible Reality

The impact of short-term mission trips with ImpactHope extends far beyond the duration of the visit. Melanie’s experience at Tat’s Place reflects the essence of our mission—to create spaces where lives are transformed, hope is reignited, and communities are empowered. Through these trips, we aim to foster a world where love and compassion triumph, one step at a time.

Are You Ready To Join Us on a Journey of Impact?

Ready to make a difference and experience transformation firsthand? Explore our upcoming ImpactHope mission trips and become a part of a movement dedicated to creating lasting change in communities around the world.

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