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Lilian* had always dreamed of going to school. But in the rural village in Kenya where she was born, education was a luxury few could afford. Her parents were subsistence farmers, struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. Lilian helped in the fields, tended crops, and cared for her younger siblings. She had resigned to a life of poverty and hardship with no hope of a better future. 

But one day, everything changed. Shelter of Hope had come to her village, offering to help children like Lilian receive an education. They had built a school, hired teachers, and provided uniforms and textbooks. Lilian couldn’t believe her luck. She begged her parents to let her go to school, and after some persuasion, they agreed.

With the help of Shelter of Hope, Lilian’s life was transformed! She was now looking at a hope-filled future.

ImpactHope has partnered with Shelter of Hope (Kiambiu, Nairobi & Kagan) in Kenya to transform the lives of the most vulnerable through education and other empowerment tools. Shelter of Hope (SOH) runs two schools: one in Nairobi slums and the other in Kagan village. The schools were started in 2008 – more than a decade ago!

Both schools are registered with the Kenyan education authority. Both schools value and cherish Christian beliefs. They offer the Kenyan educational system curriculum. The curriculum is now transitioning from a knowledge-based system to a competency-based curriculum. The Kagan school has been approved to host Junior Secondary School (grades 7, 8 and 9) in line with the reforms in the education sector. This JSS will be situated within the premises of the primary school. The two schools have established proper administrative structures to achieve their day-to-day operations. Teachers work collaboratively in teams under the management of the headteacher to plan rigorous curriculum delivery, to enhance student outcomes.

"The ongoing support of our donors is essential in our mission to give our students the best education possible."


A glimpse into the world of the children, whose lives you are about to change!

  1. Infrastructure: The two schools have pupils with a diverse cultural mix. The longtime vision of the school is to establish modern structures which are safe, secure, and clean that can support high-quality learning. Most of the buildings are semi-permanent (iron sheet-walled) structures. The classrooms often get very hot during the afternoon lessons, making learning challenging for the students. The primary school at Kagan is an 8-storey classroom building which, although incomplete, is already operating due to a lack of adequate classrooms. Completion of the building is critical.
  2. Meals for Staff and Students: The semi-permanent kitchens in schools serve meals to the students and staff. Both schools provide two meals a day (breakfast and lunch). These meals are essential as they keep learners active during lessons. Most students are from poor households; hence the meals provided at school have reduced the rate of absenteeism.
  3. Water and Sanitation: The Nairobi school relies on piped water from Nairobi County. The Kagan school has a water borehole; even though the water is salty, it is used. The manual pump occasionally breaks down, disrupting the water supply. The school hopes to raise funds for a solar-powered water pump and install a 10,000-litre tank to guarantee a reliable water supply.
  4. Education: The two schools still need an established library. There is a dire need for books for an effective learning process. The lack of computers is affecting the digital learning process in both centers. There is a need for capacity-building training of teachers in digital literacy skills to equip them for education reforms in the 21st century. There are approximately 239 students in total.

The children are given opportunities to exploit their potential in academics, talents, and skills development. The schools follow a hybrid model of revenue – the paying students whose parents can pay school fees and the needy and vulnerable students who need the support of donors to pay their fees. ImpactHope helps to fill in the gap through the Student Sponsorship Program.


Harriet is a cheerful, hard-working high-school student at Shelter of Hope Academy.  She comes from humble beginnings – a family of eight children. Her father is a teacher, and her mother is a farmer. Over the last five years, Shelter of Hope (SOH) has provided a faithful shoulder for her to lean on. She had always been a healthy and happy child, but she was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia when she was around seven. It was a devastating diagnosis for her family, as they were already struggling to make ends meet. Harriet was enrolled at Shelter of Hope Academy in grade 4. 

Harriet was diagnosed with Sickle Sickle Anemia as a little girl. Shelter of Hope has faithfully stood by her in her journey.

A year later, she was to be transferred to a public school as her family could no longer afford the fees. Harriet’s life changed dramatically as she had to start taking daily medication and regularly visit the hospital for check-ups. She was in much pain and was often too weak to attend school. The condition drained Harriet’s family financially and emotionally.

In grade 5, Shelter of Hope stepped in as a ray of light in her life and began sponsoring her education. Harriet had to be hospitalized for two months, and SOH faithfully stood by her, upholding her in prayers and footing her medical bills. Harriet was able to complete primary school thanks to the compassion shown by SOH.

Harriet gave her grade 8 exams in 2020. Shelter of Hope continued the journey with her into high school. SOH supports her high school education by paying for her fees and other needs. The annual youths and teens camps at SOH have blessed her spiritually! Harriet is now 16 years and looks forward to a more hopeful future. She has been mentored to be a responsible leader and let Christ be the centre of her life. Harriet dreams of becoming a nurse and helping others in her community.


The school year at both primary and secondary levels begins in January and ends in November. Students advance to the next grade at the end of the school year. Kenyan students typically study up to ten different subject areas. They spend the bulk of their day at school. Some have over an hour’s walk or run home, where they do chores at home and hopefully find time to study before it gets dark. Most families do not have electricity or running water and may not even have a lantern or candle for their children to learn.

Due to a lack of funds, there are very few textbooks for students. The schools have some very hardworking students and teachers who do their best with the few resources they have. The availability of a bus will spur the growth of the schools. Parents who live far from the schools are willing to send their kids but are hindered by the lack of a transport system. Shelter of Hope is looking at procuring a bus for this purpose.

It’s been a privilege to testify that Shelter of Hope has transformed my life.

Status of Sponsorship

No. of Students Sponsored (from 59)


Many students in the community are in desperate need of basic necessities such as food, clothing, and educational materials. Your sponsorship will allow them to receive an education, access to medical care, and the necessities of life. It will enable them to attend school and become educated, giving them a chance to create a better life for themselves.

All student profiles are uploaded on a partnering portal. You are free to peruse the profiles here and choose to sponsor a child that appeals to your heart!

Your donation will make a lasting impact on this child’s life and the lives of their family. Your generosity will help them reach their full potential and finally break the cycle of poverty. Are you ready to create lasting change for a child? Sponsor TODAY here.

“I want my rights!” – A recitation by the Students of Shelter of Hope.

Snap your fingers and watch these little ones rock their talent show at school!

“When I grow up…” Listen to these innocent voices talk about their future dreams.

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