March 2023

Ishmael recently visited the project site and shared his observations with us.

“On my recent trip to Kajiado, what an encouragement it was to see what is happening on the ground! The farm is starting to thrive. Despite huge challenges due to the lack of appropriate farm tools, the farmers were able to acquire some tools, quality seeds and some pesticides to tackle the pests which were destroying the plants. They also used manure to improve crop production and soil quality.

What a feast for my eyes! I praise God for this day – a place that was once dry and had no hope, is now fruitful. Hope has come!”

Read more about the project on our blog (Phase 1&2) here and (Phase 3) here.

Jan 2023: Phase 3

Sustainability is crucial for clean water projects as it ensures that the project’s benefits are long-lasting and can be maintained over time. In 2019, ImpactHope committed to drilling a well in the Olkesumet Prayer Response Center. This water well will play a crucial role in providing the Maasai community with access to clean and safe drinking water and as a reliable source of water for irrigation, which is essential for agriculture. We are excited about Phase 3 of the project, which focuses on long-term agricultural solutions.

Feb 2022: Phases 1 & 2

In 2019, ImpactHope committed to drilling a well in the Olkesumet Prayer Response Center. This Maasai community needed to walk for over 20 km to get to the nearest water source. They would retrieve water whenever a tanker truck arrived, which was costly. The community had been praying for a water source for many years. They were very discouraged when the first attempt at drilling failed. At the second attempt last year, a bountiful supply of clean, fresh water was located at a depth of 300m! There is a large quantity of water, and it will impact over 500 people in a 5 km area. As the project progresses, it could potentially impact 2500 to 3000 people, which does not even include livestock. The people are overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude, for this well is a significant blessing in their community.

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