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Empty classrooms, empty desks,…and an empty little heart. Little Emma peered out her window and sighed. Her little heart was breaking because it had been so long since she saw her friends. Going to school meant more than just learning to read. She missed the warm company of her friends and the lovely hot meal the school provided. She missed the encouragement of her kind teachers. She missed being able to hear stories and facts that left her wide-eyed.

Emma is just one among many schoolchildren worldwide, who have lost an estimated 1.8 trillion hours – and counting – of in-person learning since the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. As a result, young learners have been cut off from their education and the other vital benefits schools provide. (𝘜𝘕𝘐𝘊𝘌𝘍 – 𝘚𝘦𝘱 2021) The staggering effects of school closures reach beyond learning. Children’s mental health is deteriorating, while risks of violence, child marriage, and child labor are increasing. 10 million additional girls are at risk of child marriage over the next decade due to school closures. (World Bank 2022)

"Every hour a child spends in the classroom is precious – an opportunity to expand their horizons and maximize their potential. And with each passing moment, countless amounts of opportunity are lost.”

Turn Sadness into Rejoicing!

Shelter of Hope (SOH) in Nairobi & Kagan, Kenya addresses not only the issue of education but also food, water, and health. Many lives are being impacted and changed through student sponsorship, food support, and infrastructure support. SOH adapts the programs as it begins to see a change in children’s lives so that the community continues to meet its goals. SOH runs two Community Education Centers, Youth Programs, Food Programs, and Counseling and Spiritual Care Program in partnership with the church. It also runs a Health Care Program through a community health facility. Through the course of their work, SOH has initiated programs for women through empowerment strategies and provided material support to elderly widows.

A glimpse into the world of the children, whose lives you are about to change!

We have the call and responsibility to reach out to the children and youth who are orphans and vulnerable by providing spiritual nourishment, education, and income-generating activities to enable them to be independent. So, when we decided to launch our student sponsorship program, we couldn’t have been more excited! When you sponsor a child, you impact a whole community.


In Kagan, Kenya, Shelter of Hope (SOH) academy has done exceptionally well in the national exams this year!

Kenya has grade 8 national exams every year. Shelter of Hope (SOH) academy in Kagan goes up to grade 8, and the school in Nairobi goes up to grade 6. The grade 8 class ranked 2nd out of 210 schools in Rangwe County (a sub-county of Homabay Country), where SOH academy is situated. These children have worked so hard to pass their national exams, but sadly they do not have the resources to continue this winning streak. These bright young ones desperately need your help to resume their education.

What is our Main Goal?

We believe that education is a POWERFUL catalyst in breaking the cycle of poverty. Our main aim is to help children overcome poverty, so the community can help itself! Sustainability is a key element of all our efforts, so your contributions will help us work with a local partner like Shelter of Hope to identify challenges that children face. We work together to find long-term solutions to these challenges.

I want to become a nurse to help treat people who suffer from various illnesses in my village.

How does the Sponsorship Program work?

Many lives are being impacted and changed through student sponsorship, food support, and infrastructure support.

We have partnered with Shelter of Hope to identify primary school students who will benefit from long-term resources to cover medical needs, daily meals at school, and tuition costs. All student profiles are uploaded on a partnering portal. Sponsors are free to peruse the profiles and choose to sponsor a child that appeals to their hearts!

Each child will be matched with a sponsor. This one-to-one connection is a powerful way to demonstrate God’s love as you pray for your child, write them letters and emails, and send photos to encourage them.

You will have access to www.impacthope.outgiven.org, a digital platform that allows you to manage your information, view sponsorship profiles, communicate with the child, learn more about your sponsored child’s community, and even sponsor other children who live there, and follow along with their progress.

“I want my rights!” – A recitation by the Students of Shelter of Hope.

Snap your fingers and watch these little ones rock their talent show at school!

“When I grow up…” Listen to these innocent voices talk about their future dreams.

Am I really making a difference?

Yes, you are! Thanks to your involvement, the sponsored child will grow up healthy, happy, and empowered with the light of education. Over time, you will see the impact of your donation on your child, their family, and their entire community. You will get to celebrate milestones with them, and you will ultimately change the course of their lives!

Are you ready to create lasting change for a child? Sponsor TODAY here.

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