Intern Needed At Tat’s Place (September – December 2021).


About Tat’s Kids 

In Puerto Maldonado our project is Alegre Sonido de Dios, a home for children of all ages who have suffered at the hands of their abusers. Since arriving in Peru, Scott and Tracy have cared for over 25 children who have come from varying backgrounds including sexual abuse, violent abuse, abandonment, and orphans.

These children are protected, provided education, spiritual guidance, and counsel in a loving and caring place where the children can heal.

About The Location & History

Puerto Maldonado is a city in southeastern Peru with a population of about 100,000 people in the Amazon rainforest 55 kilometers west of the Bolivian border, It is located at the convergence of the Tambopata and Madre de Dios rivers. The latter river joins a tributary of the Amazon. This city is the capital of the Madre de Dios Region. It has the official title of Capital of Biodiversity in Peru in recognition of important records of flora and fauna found in the forests. Sadly, with much of the mining and the forestry, sadly, children are often trafficked, neglected, or abused.

Who Are We Partnering With?

Scott and Tracy are from Ontario, where they lived attending Emmanuel Baptist church while for many years running a masonry business. They were led to Peru in 2014 and have lived ever since. They are dedicated to serving children who have experienced pain from their past. Working closely with the local Government, permanent and transitional care for children who are victims of family violence, abuse, abandonment, trafficked, or homeless is provided.

An Intern Is Needed At Tat’s Place This Fall (2021)

As an Intern at Tat’s Place, you will be serving as a helper to Scott & Tracy as they take care of the children in the Home. Some of these duties include:

  • Providing help/care with younger children in the home. This may include playing, bathing, feeding, putting down for naps, ect.
  • Providing assistance with children’s schooling. This could include helping to set up schedules, overseeing daily work, assignment marking, and supervising during school hours.
  • Supervising older children after school, bringing them to appointments and social activities.
  • Assisting evenings, getting children ready for bed.
  • Providing assistance to the house helper in cleaning, cooking, and other duties as needed.
  • Having the responsibility to know what needs to be done.
  • Keep open lines of communication with the directors and other staff in the home.
  • Being a role model for the children to look up to by following and helping enforce all house rules.

This position is very important to our home an family. We want our interns to feel like a part of the Tat’s Place (Alegre Sonido De Dios & Impact Hope ) family and to participate in the shaping, growing, and nurturing of the children who live here. Many of these children have no idea what it is like to be part of a functioning family, to love one another, to live together, and work together for a better future. Many have never experience the love of Christ through believers serving and helping them.

Scott & Tracy Blackburn

Tat’s Kids is looking for an individual who will be a part of the family and be someone who these children can look up to. There will also be opportunities available for outreach and involvement within the community!

If you are interested in this amazing opportunity to serve in Puerto Maldonado, Peru this Fall, please fill out the form below or directly contact the office by sending an e-mail to office@impacthope.ca or calling (519) 824-9380. We will then get in contact with you about the details and costs for this Serve Trip!

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