A Letter From Our Interns in Peru!


Heather D. & Rachel H. are our two wonderful interns who are living in Iquitos, Peru for 6 months. From January to June 2019, these two ladies will be partaking in the ministries that we have going on in Iquitos. Working alongside our Missionary Reps Rodolfo & Saraid, Heather & Rachel will be involved in many areas such as teaching english classes to the children of Belen. We look forward to see what these two young ladies will do in Iquitos and hear about their experiences there as well as their journey with the Lord! Here is a letter that the girls would like to share:

“These first couple of weeks have been pretty chaotic but wonderful. We made it safely to Iquitos and with time, we will settle into our roles as well as into the culture. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, as we need more encouragement and confidence as we learn what our roles are and as we learn the language.

The street ministry and kids programs that we have been involved with have been going very well! It has been a huge honour to be apart of both of these ministries. We believe God has a lot in store for the people as He uses us to bless them with God’s love. This week we have had the privilege of leading a group of fellow Canadians to the Belèn drughole for the first time. It was definitely an eye-opening experience for them. Please join us in prayer as we come up against this tangible stronghold that grips the men and women in this drug hole. We declare freedom and stand on the truth that God has called these people out of slavery, just as He has called us to live in that freedom. Amen! Please continue to also pray for the kids of Belèn as they grow up in this environment. Pray for wisdom as we participate in English classes for these kids. It has been such a blessing for our team and the kids that we are reaching out to. They have such an indescribable joy! We absolutely love seeing their passion and smiling faces as we continue to work together as a team to pour God’s love into them.

Other than the street and kids ministry, we have been very busy preparing Hogar Genesis, the children’s home, which will hopefully be open by the end March. It has proven to be a challenging process, but we’re excited to reap the blessings.

We are also grateful that we had the chance to participate in a pastors’ conference with seven different churches deep in the Amazon jungle. The conference that we participated in was for a group of tribes learning and growing in their newfound Christian faith. This was such a neat experience to be able to minister to the pastors of these tribes and learn about their culture and way of living.

All of that being said; God is good and the rest is history. God bless you all!

-Heather and Rachel”


Thank you to everyone who has been supporting these ladies as they continue to bless the ministry in Iquitos!

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