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The Power of Faith and Friendship!


The Power of Faith and Friendship at Bible Camp

We are happy to share the enriching and transformative experience of the Hope Bay Bible Camp organized by David and Alejandra Slemin and Church helpers, which took place in beautiful Victoria, B.C., in May. David and Alejandra are one of our partners in Canada who run an outreach ministry to the vulnerable and rejected in Victoria, British Columbia. This remarkable camp was specially crafted for vulnerable youth, aiming to equip them with essential life skills while sharing the love of God.

Participants learnt many practical skills through interactive workshops and hands-on activities.

Participants learned many practical skills throughout the camp for personal growth and future success. David’s team guided them through interactive workshops and hands-on activities, focusing on essential life skills like basic vehicle maintenance, carpentry, drywall and painting, character development, simple cooking, and baking.

This knowledge helps to prepare them to handle daily life issues while learning to depend on Jesus.  The Bible Camp aimed to demonstrate God’s love to every participant. Through engaging Bible studies, worship sessions, and small-group discussions, campers had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of God’s love and learn how to apply biblical principles to their daily lives.

Testimonials of Deliverance and Healing

David shares the following testimonials from the camp.

Story 1: We had an ex-drug dealer bring his daughter and granddaughter. The mother had been suffering greatly from physical pain and childhood trauma all their life. She had been raped by multiple men and suffered greatly from anxiety and trauma.

One morning the granddaughter complained of pain in her ear. I asked her if she would be willing to receive Jesus and that when Jesus came into her heart, he would heal her. Just like a child, she accepted Jesus. Then I asked her to put her hand on her ear and ask Jesus to heal her. She prayed for her ear with simple childlike faith and immediately said the pain was gone. We praise Jesus for honouring childlike faith.

The mother was inspired and decided to give her life to Jesus after daily Bible study. Her mostly blind eye received healing! Before, she could not see anything but a blur on the wall, but after the healing, she said she could see the cross. Still, she explained a dark pressure on her head. As we prayed for her, she said a bright light filled her head and removed the darkness, and then she felt love and peace like never before. 

She decided she wanted to be baptized. She had suffered from chronic pain in her body and her joints. We baptized her in the ocean, and even though the ocean water was cold, she said that when she went in, she felt warm, and when she came out, the chronic pain in her body was gone! The father thanked us repeatedly for the change he saw in his daughter. She had not been able to sleep at night and finally started having good nights of sleep.

Story 2: A woman had been checked in and locked up in a mental institution at 16 years of age after attempting to take her own life because the pain in her head was so great. She took pills most of her life and was now in her 50s. She suffered great rejection and pain all her life. She was now suffering greatly in her body with infection from organ failure. We prayed for her, and she said the doctor said there was no longer an infection. When we talked, she asked me, “Do you see the disease (mental) in me when you look at me?” I looked straight into her eyes and said I see a daughter of God whom I love and whom God loves very much.” “It was so beautiful to see tears well up in her eyes,” he said as the woman’s heart was filled with comfort and love!

This is just a glimpse into the amazing impact that David’s ministry is having on the most vulnerable in his community.

Paving The Way Forward For The Next Generation

The Bible Camp was a wonderful experience for all the participants. It served as a platform to help these youth by imparting essential life skills and showcasing God’s unwavering love for all. Together, we prepared these young individuals for a brighter future, equipped with practical knowledge and a solid foundation in faith.

David says he and Alejandra usually collapse in exhaustion on their bed every night. We are so honoured to partner with them, and we are deeply moved by their dedication and compassion towards those in need.

David and Alejandra continue looking for creative ways to provide shelter, food, and other necessities for those struggling to survive on the streets. They have presently brought a homeless man to camp in their yard and are loving and feeding him three meals daily.

We hope this testimony has encouraged you, and we also invite you to reach out and contact David if you, too, need any encouragement or advice on how to be a vessel of Christ to the needy and afflicted. May God bless you.

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UPDATE: The Outreach Ministry in Victoria, BC has discontinued partnership with ImpactHope since Dec, 2023.

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