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A Personal Message from the Director


A Personal Message from the Director of MVC




Palma Soriano, Cuba


Jorge & Sandra are our Missionary Reps from Palma Soriano and they have distributed goods and food to those who are most vulnerable within their community. These families included those with young children and/or elders. In these bags are eggs, cooking oil, rice and meat.

People in their community were overly thrilled and grateful. Not only does this feed their families but also gives them encouragement and hope!

“The situation with food is very, very difficult. The stores are running out of food. When some food arrives, the line is very long and they only sell one item per person. People here are starving. We need help.”

CLICK HERE to Feed Vulnerable Families in Cuba




Nairobi, Kenya


Kenya is currently facing a tremendously difficult time. People are becoming desperate as there has become a shortage of food. As a result of this desperation, there has been chaos at food distribution centers which show no social distancing whatsoever. There has also been a problem with locust destroying all the crops, leaving farmers helpless and families without income or food. Now there is also flooding… Kenyans need our help!

CLICK HERE to Provide Food for Kenyans





Puerto Maldonado, Peru


Through this crisis, it is evident that God is still doing his work! Through our Missionary Reps from Puerto Maldonado, Peru, Scott & Tracy Blackburn have been giving food packages to those in need within the community. We had a Happy Hour with Scott & Tracy on April 22 and they are thankfully doing okay as a family during this time.

These bags contain: 1kg of rice, 1kg lintels, 1 package of spaghetti, 1 can of tuna, 1 package of tomato sauce, 1 roll of tp, and a gospel tract. The cost of one bag is $6 CDN!



Iquitos, Peru









Iquitos is one of many places in the world that has been hit drastically by the Corona Virus. Prices for food have increased and access to food is lacking due to limited transportation. Although they have a strict curfew that they need to follow every day, Rodolfo & Saraid make sure that they still reach out to families during the day when they are allowed out! Here are some pictures of them using the funds YOU generously provided. During this time you are making an impact by providing food to families who are most vulnerable in the slums of Iquitos. You are appreciated!


“Iquitos has around 500 000 people and there are only about 30 ventilators… our hospital has collapsed. There is not enough medical supplies and medicine to treat Covid. It’s becoming chaotic… as a family we are fine trying to be very careful to not get infected, however, we are worried about our city as people need to go out every day to buy food. We are praying.”

CLICK HERE to Help Feed Families in the Slums of Iquitos





Nebaj, Guatemala


Due to this pandemic, Nebaj is facing a challenging time. The current Hospital is having a difficult time supporting all workers at the Hospital and need financial assistance. Salary for the workers is crucial so that the Hospital can stay open and running. Nebaj as a city is also facing challenges as it has become difficult for people to put food on the table due to no sources of income. With this said, most people in Nebaj earn money by selling food or items at the market and due to COVID19, they are closed.


CLICK HERE to Help Nebaj During COVID19






Benefit Concert: Emergency COVID19 Relief

Click above to visit Alexis’ Webiste:

As the nation adjusts to the new reality of life under self-quarantine in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, a number of artists are taking the show online to share some musical joy during these trying times.

Country singer-songwriter Alexis Taylor and her father Michael Degazio will be preforming an online concert with hopes of raising funds for COVID19 emergency relief in the countries that MVC works in. These countries include Guatemala, Peru, Kenya and Cuba! MVC works in rural areas within these countries where poverty overcomes and persist.


Thank You to everyone who joined in on our online concert and generously gave to help those in need during this pandemic! A HUGE thank you to Alexis & Mike! We all had a wonderful afternoon filled with music and dancing!


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