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Are You On The Bridge, Or In The River?

In Haiti, “on the bridge, in the river” is traditionally played as a game of tag. The person who is “it” stands on the bridge and tries to tag the other players running across the bridge and jumping into the river to escape. The game is often accompanied by singing and clapping.

It is a game of strategy and skill meant to teach the importance of working together and taking risks to achieve success. The irony is not lost, as the game’s philosophical meaning encourages players to think about life’s challenges and consider how best to address them to achieve the desired outcome. In Haiti, gangs and other criminal elements often target poor youth, placing them at risk of physical and psychological harm. Poor youth in Haiti are also constantly exposed to drugs and alcohol, which can lead to addiction and other serious health concerns.

The game is a subtle reminder that everyone is responsible for their success and that taking risks and working together can yield great rewards. It is also a reminder that to succeed; one must be willing to take risks and chances, no matter how small the reward may be.

Education And Community Development In Fort Jacques

The education system in Haiti needs more funding and resources. Teachers are underpaid and often require more resources to provide quality education. Many schools need more basic supplies such as textbooks, desks, chairs, and paper. The lack of resources has led to overcrowding and low student-teacher ratios, making it to teach their students adequately teach their students. Moreover, many teachers need more qualifications and training to teach effectively. In addition, the lack of access to quality education has resulted in a high illiteracy rate, with an estimated 40% of the population unable to read or write.

ImpactHope has partnered with the Vision of Grace Elementary School and Community Project in Fort Jacques, Haiti. The founder, Marie Estelle, desires to see the rural community of Fort Jacques develop further. The goal is to provide a Christian education for preschool from grade 1 to grade 6. The objectives of the community leaders are threefold: education, spiritual growth, and economic development. Along with education, Marie Estelle and her husband, Pastor Clermont, conduct outreach programs within the community that include income-generating activities with meat goats and agriculture. The need for community development has become ever more acute due to the rising cost of living stemming from the economic impacts of the pandemic and Haiti’s government’s inability to build the economy and control the gangs.

Despite these challenges, the staff in the school remain committed to providing the students with the best possible education. We are happy to introduce the team behind this wonderful initiative!

Student Sponsorship Program

We have partnered with Vision of Grace Elementary School to identify primary school students who will benefit from long-term resources to cover medical needs, daily meals at school, and tuition costs. All student profiles are uploaded on a partnering portal. Sponsors are free to peruse the profiles and choose to sponsor a child that appeals to their hearts!

Through individual student sponsorship, you can assist students with long-term resources and equip them to become independent. Your partnership can create a brighter future for Haiti’s children – help make a lasting difference by sponsoring a child’s education today by clicking here

Make A Difference Today!

We understand that education is a powerful tool in helping people build a better future for themselves and their families. By supporting our initiatives, you give people the resources and skills to impact their communities positively.

Please join us in our mission to provide meaningful, lasting change through education and community development initiatives. Support the work in Haiti by giving a gift or signing up for a monthly partnership at (CAD and USD links are provided.)

Thank you for giving these little ones a Merry Christmas!

Marie Estelle says, “Hello, dear friends! We want to thank God first and then you because you made the Christmas meal possible on Christmas.

We were able to feed 92 people: parents and kids from the school, members of the church, and even some people who were left behind at home because they couldn’t come. We served them rice with small beans, fried chicken, fried plantains, potatoes, salad, dessert.

This brings community together!!! I could just hear the chatter and delight, and my heart was full!”

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