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Overcoming Darkness: How Spiritual Warfare Transformed a Village in Haiti


Medical Missions in Haiti

ImpactHope has partnered with a medical team led by Haitian Fabienne Goutier as they reach remote Haitian villages to provide regular dental & ophthalmological, OB/GYN, pediatric, and dermatological services to marginalized peoples forgotten by the government and society. Their commitment to reaching remote Haitian villages and providing much-needed medical services to marginalized communities is a testament to the power of compassion and dedication. By reminding these communities that they are not forgotten, they spread hope and make a real impact.

Medical Mission work has brought hope and comfort to the most vulnerable in Haiti.

Lacoma, Haiti was once seen as a village plagued by aridity and despair. Now, because of Fabienne’s team and the local church – a remarkable transformation has been taking place!

A Battle Against Spiritual Forces

Fabienne has dedicated herself to serving remote villages in her homeland.

However, her and her team’s path is riddled with spiritual warfare influenced by the deeply ingrained voodoo practices within many of these communities. It is not uncommon for voodoo priests, threatened by their Christian faith, to unleash torrents of persecution and witchcraft upon Fabienne’s team.

This evil is often overlooked in the contemporary Western world, a fact pointed out in ‘The Chalmers Center’ article titled The Five Causes of Poverty—Part 5: Demonic Forces.[1] Demonic forces thrive in environments of poverty, seeking to hinder individuals and communities from fulfilling their God-given potential. By trapping people in homelessness, unemployment, and famine, these forces undermine their ability to rise above their circumstances and fulfill their divine calling.

This reality is more than just a concept for Fabienne and her team – they have experienced firsthand the power of demonic forces.


Lacoma, Haiti – Hope Unleashed from the Hands of Voodoo

When Fabienne’s team was approached by the Baptist church and Port de Paix hospital to support the Lacoma outpost; they knew they were going to be met with challenges. The people of Lacoma, a village plagued by aridity and neglect, were in dire need of medical assistance. The hospital staff revealed to them the harsh reality—no doctors were willing to venture into this community due to the lack of basic necessities like electricity and water.

Beyond these challenges, however, the team recognized an even greater obstacle to true community transformation; the deep-rooted grips of voodoo. With unwavering determination, they embarked on a journey with the local church that would test their resilience and faith.

Throughout their five years of travelling to Lacoma quarterly, they encountered intense nightmares that plagued their sleep, broken vehicles, and natural disasters that seemingly conspired against them with droughts and floods each time they arrived. It was as if unseen forces sought to hinder their mission at every turn – too many occurrences to be brushed off as coincidences.

Yet, Fabienne and her team refused to be deterred. Their perseverance did not go unnoticed. News of their unwavering dedication touched the hearts of generous donors. With their support, a remarkable cistern was built, capable of holding 25,000 gallons of water. This transformative structure enabled the team to water the village’s garden through a reliable drip irrigation system, resulting in a bountiful harvest that surpassed all expectations.

As you can see in the video, the local pastor, overwhelmed with gratitude, expressed heartfelt thanks to Fabienne and her team for their unwavering commitment to the people of Lacoma. Their perseverance, even in the face of spiritual warfare, had brought about a profound transformation, not just in terms of physical resources but also in kindling a renewed sense of hope within the community.

The journey in Lacoma serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of unwavering faith and prayer. Even the locals, who once were so snared by voodoo, have witnessed the abundance that has emerged from the once desolate land. The local church commented on the impact of their work and testimonies stating, “What the government won’t do, Christians can do.” Fabienne and her team’s unwavering commitment, supported by the generosity of donors, have sown the seeds of holistic transformation.

"The animals came to the clinic to be treated as well. They came two by two. The vet saw them all."
"The cistern in Lacoma is coming to life. A Miracle!"
"Some of my little friends!" - Fabienne

Moving forward – How you can be a part of the transformation!

Fabienne and her team must secure CAD 14,500 (USD 11,000) to reach the next village with a pop-up clinic. Their team does more than bring healthcare to 1,200 unreached people – they seek to leave each village transformed in partnership with the local church. Each community receives an individualized strategy for development depending on the assets and needs that locals bring forth. As Fabienne’s team departs, they leave with the assurance that the local church has the necessary infrastructure and community support to sustain its growth and prosperity.

While the influence of demonic forces is formidable, it is crucial to remember that they are no match for the power of Christ. Spiritual warfare is not fought with conventional weapons but with prayer, humility, and a reliance on God’s guidance.

Organizations like ImpactHope are vital in addressing spiritual warfare and breaking the cycle of poverty. By equipping project partners with knowledge and understanding, projects can empower individuals to resist the deceptions and oppressions of demonic forces and be free in God’s loving embrace.

We urge you to join us to bring transformation and hope to these unreached communities. By donating to ImpactHope, you are not only helping Fabienne and her team reach the next village with a pop-up clinic, but you are also enabling the local church to continue growing and flourishing long after they leave. Together, we can stand against the forces of darkness and break the cycle of poverty, empowering individuals to resist deception and oppression. Your contribution can make a powerful impact and bring light to the darkest corners. Join us today in making a difference and embracing God’s love in action.

Support Fabienne's ministry in Haiti.

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