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Healthcare Aid Day 2021


What Is ‘Healthcare Aide Day’?

It is a day devoted to healthcare workers and assistants in appreciation for their relentless help and selfless service to the most vulnerable. It is through their unwavering compassionate care, that the physical, emotional, and social needs of the community are met.

(Women’s) Healthcare in Oaxaca, Mexico

Thousands of people in Oaxaca (Mexico) remain isolated from medical care, and even those who have access to government-staffed clinics often receive inadequate care. Women giving birth within the government medical system are often subjected to trauma through complete isolation from friends and loved ones, racial prejudice, over-crowded conditions, and highly interventionist obstetric policies. The founder of Casa Compasiva saw the need to address the issues these women were confronted with and the abuse faced by indigenous women in Oaxaca. Along with it was the need to bring the hope that is found in Jesus and the gospel message to all these women.

Casa Compasiva (Compassion House) was thus born as a Christian Birthing Center in Oaxaca to provide a safe and caring environment for young mothers and their new children. It works to provide a safe, natural birth environment that is respectful of the Oaxacan people while utilizing essential midwifery and medical knowledge to provide quality care and to save lives. Casa Compasiva has trained women with a single purpose – which is to serve with love and compassion through midwifery and ministry. At Casa Compasiva, midwives, doulas, and doctors have consistently offered quality services in an empathetic and safe way. Their sacrifices, time, and investment in training over these years have enabled more than 900 women to receive initial prenatal consultation, with many of them following up with full prenatal care at Casa Compasiva.

While serving mamás and bebés of Oaxaca and other parts of the world for over 10 years, Casa Compasiva offers services such as well-woman checks, ultrasound, pregnancy tests, nutritional counseling, exercise classes, lactation support, and pastoral/spiritual counseling.

Accompishments Thus Far

They have supported 161 women in the process of giving birth as precious little boys and girls were passed into the loving care of their mothers. Besides births that took place at Casa Compasiva, they have also accompanied 104 women in their labor and deliveries in other hospitals, offering emotional and spiritual support in every hour and in every uterine contraction with comfort measures, words of affirmation, and prayer.

And THAT is all due to these lovely women!

Casa Compasiva has not only been a blessing to the childbearing women, but it has also blessed the lives of the team members: providing financial stability for them and their families.  The majority of the team members are single and several are the sole breadwinners in their homes.  You can get to know more about these wonderful people here at

It is because of the donations from our supporters that these women have a steady income with which they can build work skills, grow spiritually, and spread Christ´s love to others. We would love to tell you personally about the impact that your donations and support have had on the team and on the women who have had care with the Casa.  Please feel the warmth and sincerity of these words when we say THANK YOU from the depths of our hearts for your support!

Donations to Casa Compasiva are used to:

  • Provide consults and keep birth costs accessible to women of lower economic levels
  • Purchase prenatal vitamins and supplements, birth supplies and breastfeeding supplements
  • Pay salaries and rent
  • Finance maintenance projects and for the general upkeep of the ‘Casa’

If your heart is moved to support the casa and its wonderful workers, please consider supporting Casa Compasiva’s mission to not only provide quality healthcare but to strengthen families with the love of Christ. To donate to Casa Compasiva, please click the button below:

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