In Memory of Tatiana

In Loving Memory of Tatiana Blackburn: Her 3rd Anniversary


Tat’s Kids Fundraiser: In Memory of Tatiana’s 3rd Anniversary
(December 2, 1997 – August 17, 2018)

Tat’s Place Was Built In Her Memory

“From a very young age, our daughter Tatiana, had a passion for serving children. Having served at Christian children’s camps each summer, serving with her Dad in Cuba over many years, and after a trip to serve at an orphanage in Haiti in 2014, she was ready to go all-in, and serve the less fortunate children of the world. Tatiana was the driving force behind our family moving to Peru to serve these children.

Tatiana returned to Canada, from Peru in 2016, to complete her BA in theology at Heritage College and Seminary and working towards her master’s in Biblical Counseling. Her plan was to return to Peru with her husband Matthew, as the Director at our home. During the summer of 2018, while on vacation with her love Matthew.  Just 8 days after they were engaged, Tat was killed in a car accident in Madison Wisconsin. Matthew survived and returned to Peru with us for several months.
To honor and continue her memory we have created a fund for Tat’s Kids Peru and Tat’s Place. This fund is designated for the support of the children in our home and the building of the new home. We will use these funds to further the cause she so deeply believed in. Tat’s Place is the new permanent location of Alegre Sonido de Dios and Tat’s Kids Peru!”

Tat lived her faith loudly and boldly. She was unashamed of Jesus and loving people well. Her heart belonged to her family. She will forever be missed by everyone who loves her. As we remember Tatiana, the contributions made today to Tat’s Kids will go directly towards the support of the children at Tat’s Place in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. This includes proper food and nutrition, education, clothing, counseling opportunities, being part of a family unit, being given hope, the love of Christ, and so much more. 

If you would like to support Scott & Tracy Blackburn, you can also make a donation to support their personal salary. To learn more about the Blackburns and to follow their journey, be sure to like their Facebook page!

To learn more, visit their page on our website by clicking here.

Scott & Tracy Blackburn’s Story

“Since arriving in Peru in 2014, the Lord has entrusted over 35 children to our care. These children have come from varying backgrounds including sexual abuse, violent abuse, abandonment, and orphans. Currently, we care for 11 children on a full-time basis. We are dedicated to serving these children who have experienced so much pain from their past. Working closely with the local child protection office, our home provides transitional and permanent care for children placed into the system, these children have varying emotional and developmental challenges. While in our care full time, the children are protected, as well as being provided with an education, spiritual guidance, health care, and counseling. We provide a family-style home where the children are loved and cared for allowing them to heal from their past so they can interact and maintain a close relationship with their new foster family. We find this family-based model gives the children a smooth transition into society or when returning to their families.”
“Our Association, Alegre Sonido de Dios (Joyful sound of God), and Tat’s Place our new home is located just outside of Puerto Maldonado, the largest city in the southern amazon. Our first project here in 2014, was to re-establish another children’s home. In 2018 that work was passed to Peruvian directorship and is still in operation. We have transitioned from that work and opened this new home. We are blessed to see the children become confident young adults as they feel safe and loved in our home. We are a family who sincerely loves the Lord and we want to extend that love to all people for whom Jesus sacrificed Himself on the Cross.”
Tat’s Kids and Tat’s Place
“In 2019 we purchased a 12.5 acre property, and in 2020 we purchased another 12.5 acres giving us 25 acres. The property is 25km outside of the city. We have built a brand new home called Tat’s Place, a 6800 sqft facility with the capacity for 20 children and staff. Our home is 100% off the grid using solar power and private water.”
Partnership With ImpactHope
“We are partners with ImpactHope, sent by our home church Emmanuel in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, and further supported by Vista Community Church in Temple Texas.”
“We always welcome new supporters, volunteer teams, donations, and new partner churches, we look forward to new relationships as we partner to serve the children here in Peru.”

“Thank you all who pray for us and support our work here. We are always working hard to be faithful stewards of the work that God leads us to. Your prayers, encouragement, and financial resources sustain us! Thank you for being part of our team that is making a difference! We pray that God will bless you immensely. With love, and a sincere sense of gratitude for your partnership in the gospel, hugs, and love from Peru!”   

– Scott, Tracy, Caleb, Jaxon, Matthew, Yuri, BruceLee, Treysi, Misawl, Briana, Saray, Sirley, Nicole & Miriam

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