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July 2021 Updates (From Guatemala)


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Providing Health & Hope In Guatemala

As the construction of the new Hospital building continues, we praise God for all of the progress that has been made, especially throughout the pandemic! The latest update on the new Hospital building is that the tiling of the first floor is completed – Horray!

One Step Forward Is Still Progress
The last Mission Team that was able to serve in Nebaj was back in February of 2020, right before the pandemic, and that was when the pouring of the second floor was completed. The electrical work was also started during this time and now, all of the electrical work on the first floor is finished!

All in all, to see the progress that has been made just over a year later (knowing that all construction work was paused for a couple of months), is incredible! Of course, we could not do any of this without you, our generous and supportive donors! 

So, What’s Next?
There is still a lot to be done before the new building can be fully functional but that day is in the near future! The next steps would be to continue working on the first floor by painting all of the walls and adding windows. After this, the plan will be to start tiling the second floor and finish the electrical work throughout the entire building! If you would like to make a contribution to the construction of the new Hospital, you would be investing in healthcare for the people of Nebaj! To Donate to the new Hospital building, Click Here!

Emergency Fundraiser for a New Ultrasound Machine

WOW… we are 90% there!!! We only need $3815 more before we can purchase a new Ultrasound Machine that is desperately needed! As time goes by, the current Ultrasound Machine is failing but more and more patients need this machine to help diagnose their health condition. Like these children on Juan Pablo’s lap, a new machine is needed to continue to provide quality healthcare to children and families in Nebaj. Our goal is to raise $37,500 and with your generous support, we are now at $33,685!
Are you willing to help raise the $3815 that is left and provide healthcare to the people in Nebaj?

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