March 2019 Updates


Thank you for your on-going support and prayers! Here are some updates on what God has been doing through MVC!

The February team that went to Nebaj came back with many new and very exciting stories! Thanks to your donations, there has been a great amount of progress with the hospital as the first level is almost finished!

The women’s sewing ministry is doing great things as it has actually resulted in the creation of a children’s sewing group! There were 12 kids that were involved. A team member emphasized how incredible this was as the children were not only learning how to sew from a young age but they also had a support group, which is incredibly important. Likewise, the men’s group called the “Mavericks” have also been flourishing. With 12-15 men involved, this group has become a place for men to support and encourage other men. The Mavericks are currently reading and learning about what it takes to be a ‘good parent’!

The February team was incredibly blessed to be in Nebaj and in fact, for some team members, it was their 10th time being back to Nebaj! Praise the Lord!


Please continue praying for the construction of Hogar Genesis as it is almost finished but there is still work that needs to be done before the children arrive. We now have five children that are waiting for the home to open! Funds are still needed to finish the education area and the directors home.


(Photos: February 11 to March 20, 2019)

A team went to Iquitos Peru early February and they had a “trip of a life time!”. Along with our two interns that are there, the team helped work on the construction of the children’s home (Hogar Genesis), assisted with the Engish Classes that were held in the slums of Belen, visiting a Women’s prison, visiting 3 different drug holes and helping families in crisis. Hogar Genesis will hopefully will be open next month, to love and care for children who are abandoned and neglected! God loves ALL of HIS children!

We are wanting to raise the level of personal support for Rodolfo and Saraid and there is an immediate need for funding for the children who are in crisis. You can designate your support in two ways: SUPAGUILA (Personal support for Rodolfo)  &  HOGGEN (Support for kids).  Thank you so much for your prayers and support!


For more photos from this trip, check out our Facebook page!


    MVC has partnered with Vision Ministries Canada and we are seeking ways to create a greater level of sustainability for the 50+ churches that are associated with Vision Ministries Kenya. The Oglului Oloshaiki is a Church in the Maasai region was planted by Pastor Patricia in 2015. It has now grown into a congregation of 180+ people!

Many of the Maasai people in this congregation walk 2 hours (1 way) to attend church. In order for water to be available at the church, they need to walk 45 minutes (1 way) carrying water. Our plan is to drill a borehole in order to provide water for the congregation as well as for sustainable agricultural projects that the congregation has already introduced (ie:Banana, fruit trees and other crops). Along with drilling the borehole we will also install an extra unit to remove the excess fluoride which is a major health concern for Kenyans.

During a recent visit, this Maasai congregation pledged approximately $1000 USD which includes 7 goats (a main commodity of their life style). It is a pledge of a widow’s mite BUT these people believe that God will provide water for their community. Pastor Ishmael, our MVC missionary rep, exclaimed, “The amount they have pledged is a miracle! This has never happened before!

The total cost of the project is still being determined but it will most likely be more than $20,000 USD. Donations for this project to improve the sustainability of this church can be made HERE – Please designate your gift to “Maasai Water”. Thank you SO MUCH for all your support!


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