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Peru, Puerto Maldonado, Peru – Scott and Tracy

For many weeks now the Blackburn’s and Tat’s Kids have been taking food to a community of 60 people on a weekly basis. While there they spending some time praying for the people there. The community leaders then give out the food. For the community to know that this food is delivered each week is such a blessing for them all.


Peru, Iquitos – Rodolfo and Saraid

Rodolfo and Saraid are very cautious in this “Covid hot spot”. He writes…

“While traveling home from blessing another children’s home with food, we saw a lady walking home. We stopped and asked her to come over to the car. She was shocked when we gave her a full bag of food. She started to cry. She was returning home walking 5 km from trying to harvest in her ranch. She was returning with nothing and she has 3 kids at home. So, to have someone give her food shocked her. We told her that we were just coming home from blessing a children’s home and felt God’s leading to stop and give her food. We told her that God loves her so much and that He was with her.”

 “It was Sunday and in Peru it is curfew time. Even though it was curfew time we saw Manuel pushing a tricycle delivering some wood to someone. We found out that he has three kids and his wife is not a healthy person. We had never met Manuel before but we new that God knows him. We called him Veshy (this is a friendly jungle way to call old people). We told him that God has something for you, and we asked him to wait. We brought him a bag of food and tears came and he said thanks God we will eat today.”






Guatemala, Nebaj – Juan Pablo and Carolina

Juan Pablo and Carolina have been working hard to make sure they are giving back. They write….

“We have been very blessed to have the salaries of our works paid. This has gone a long way to keep our hospital up and running. Because of this gracious support we have asked the workers to find people in their communities that need food. We have asked that it not be a family. Once they have found the people that are in need, we give them corn and beans to deliver. This is one family that they went to see. The women and her daughter are blind. They normal sell cheese in the market – 10 pieces of cheese, valuing one quetzal each, if she sells all 10, she makes the equivalent of $1.30 USD. But they have not been able to since the market has been shut down. Also, they have not been able to find work washing clothes. She is so grateful for all the support and love. This is a great way for the workers to give back to there communities and

support those in need.” We also gave them an audio Bible in the Ixil language. Julia was very thankful to have an audio bible of her own. It was touching to see her excitement as I showed her how to work it. What a blessing to get to share physical provisions and eternal sustenance that will not return void!

Many of the residents continue to struggle with a lack of food. Things are becoming increasingly more difficult and dire.






Guatemala, Nebaj – Terrill


A highlight was the chance to share about Jesus with a patient who was at the hospital for pancreatitis. He was in immense pain, we had just given him pain medicine and as I was about to leave the room, the Holy Spirit prompted me to stop and ask him if he would like me to pray with him. He readily agreed and so I sat on the edge of his bed and we prayed.  After, he asked me to keep him in my prayers because he struggled with alcohol and drugs, and I got to explain the Gospel to him, right about then Pastor Noé came in the room. Pastor Noé works at the hospital during the week, helping with patients and witnessing to them, he has such a love for patients and a passion for sharing the Gospel. Afterwards, he told me that he didn’t know we had a patient in the back room, but as he was passing by, he heard voices and something made him come back to check–we both agree it was the Holy Spirit. Pastor Noé led the patient in the prayer of salvation, and it was a touching scene to witness this man in tears crying out to God in repentance and surrender. We encouraged him in practical ways to go forward avoiding temptation and gave him and audio Bible to listen to the Word. And I tell you, he was a changed man. Before he accepted Jesus, he was groaning and moping in agony, even with pain medicine. He also did not have any family visiting him, which is unusual, in the Guatemalan culture, families always come to be with and help care for patients. He told me that only his wife would visit him, that his brothers and sisters did not visit him because his own drinking put him in the hospital. But after he accepted Christ, I witnessed a physical transformation. He was comfortable and resting, his wife came and visited him, and then one by one five or six visitors came to see him. And he was talking and laughing with him, it’s like the peace of God had filled his heart. Truly a new creation, the old has passed and the new had come! Isn’t our God amazing! Please keep this man and his family in your prayers, for healing and complete deliverance from the temptation of drugs and alcohol. I am sure the road ahead will prove difficult, but praise God that he has already overcome the world!


Kenya – Ishmael and Molline

The situation in Kenya continues to be difficult. The number of cases continues to grow each day, but many have gone undiagnosed due to a lack of testing capabilities. Along with covid, the country has seen much flooding which has seen the loss of people along with crops. With both events happening there is food shortage as well as the price of food has tripled. This has brought much strain on everyone. With your support both Ishmael and Molline have been working to bring much needed food to people in need.




Cuba – Jorge and Sandra

The crisis in Cuba continues to brow. Food is in short supply with limited quantities. People continue to live in hardship, and seniors and taking the brunt of it. When material wealth is in short supply, faith always increases. When food arrives, line ups are long, but they purchase as much as they can to give to those in need. Please continue to pray for these people

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