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Be a Virtual Mother to a Vulnerable Child!


Looking for a meaningful Mother’s Day gift?

As we approach Mother’s Day, let us take a moment to reflect on the incredible role that mothers play in our lives. They are our caregivers, our teachers, and our biggest supporters. Unfortunately, not all children are blessed to have mothers or mother figures in their lives.

This Mother’s Day, would you like to change a child’s life by filling it with hope? Love starts with YOU!

Give the gift of HOPE this Mother’s Day.

We are proud to support mothers and families in need, and we invite you to join us in this important work. Your donation can help us provide essential resources like food, shelter, and medical care to mothers and children who are struggling to get by. 

Buy a virtual gift from the following categories and help change a child’s life. Be sure to mention the Gift number and the amount in the notes!

Gift 1: Hot meals for a week, $35
Remember those hot homemade meals made by mom? Help a child feel loved by sponsoring a week's worth of hot food at our children's homes.
Gift 2: School uniform for a child, $50
Remember those early morning school runs, goodbye kisses and lunch boxes? Gift a child a uniform, so she/he can experience the joy of school.
Gift 3: A bed for a child, $40
Be a guardian angel to a child that has been abandoned on the streets. Our children's homes provide a safe haven and shelter for these precious littles.
Gift 4: Sponsor a Student, $38/month
Sponsoring a student is a personal way to show love to a child in need. For $38 a month, you'll help that child stand tall and set up for a brighter future.
Gift 5: Give in Memory, Any $
We understand that Mother's Day can be a sensitive and challenging time for many. This Mother's Day, donate in memory of your mother and help brighten a vulnerable child's life.

Donate Online

Together, we can shape stronger communities. You can give a one-time gift or set up a monthly PAD form to support us regularly.

Children who are vulnerable may be uprooted by conflict, poverty and disaster; victims of child labour or trafficking; and those who live with disabilities or in alternative care. Protecting children means protecting their physical, mental and psychosocial needs to safeguard their future. We are grateful for your partnership in impacting the lives of these little ones!

make mother's day meaningful
This Mother's Day, give the gift of HOPE.
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