November 2020 Updates



Hlalisile’s Chicken Project – Swaziland

In Swaziland, Hlalisile runs a Place of Safety which was funded monthly by small donations. Aside from breeding chickens, she bakes and sells cup cakes outside schools to generate income for electricity and water. Due to Covid, this has ceased as she is not allowed to move around. She currently has 7 permanent children plus other children who are accommodated on a daily basis. They require food, clothing, and medical care.

Hlalisile has dedicated herself to making sure these children are clothed, fed and have a place to live. Having such a big and compassionate heart, Hlalisile decided to give chickens to those in the community on a credit and wait for them to pay at the end of the month due to the current financial struggle. This is something she did not prepare for when she started the business. With this said, there is a demand for chicken broilers in their area as this generates a much quicker turnover than breeding chickens. Which also means that earning an income is quicker. Due to the intense heat in Swaziland (42 dg C), chickens need more food, meds and cover. The start up cost for a broiler is about $650 CAD which accounts for 100 chicks. MVC is committed to assisting Hlalisile and her community to ensure that they receive their nutritional, financial and medical needs.


We have raised $200 CAD so far and therefore, need to raise about $450 CAD for this first broiler to get back up and running. This is a far better option than any other project in terms of providing essential needs in her area.


If You Would Like to Help Assist Hlalisile and Her Efforts to Get the First Broiler Running,
Please Click Here to Donate Now!

* Under ‘Please State The Gift You’d Like To Give’ select ‘Agricultural Sustainable Efforts*




New Project: KEDHAP – Kisumu, Kenya

We are very excited to share a new partnership that is currently in the works of assisting a project in the area of Kisumu, Kenya called KEDHAP (Kenya Economic Development Human Advancement Project). This project involves education, women empowerment, and assisting those with HIV/AIDS. KEDHAP is the development, peace-building and relief arm of Kenya Mennonite Church in the Diocese of Kisumu East. They seek to bring change to the community through the projects that encourage those living positively with HIV/AIDS to adopt greenhouse farming, and much more. As KEDHAP emphasizes: In the right hands, a little support goes a very long way toward empowering the poor to break the poverty cycle!

We will be sharing more information in our next update!

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